August Wrap Up

Monthly goal time! I can’t believe summer is over already.  I love fall, but the end of August is always a bit sad.

I had a new visitor at the garden today!  I took a billion pictures and finally got the ‘money shot.’

This is a great spangled fritillary.  I ran out with my butterfly ID book to find out what this was.  :mrgreen:  I think it is wonderful how many butterflies there have been this year.  Maybe it means something good environmentally is happening.  Less pesticides, perhaps?  Or maybe it was the mild winter.  Anyway, I am just glad they stop by.

Here were my goals for August and how I did.

1.  Bike 400 miles this month.  Done!  I had to put in some “just grind it out” miles during the month when I might have wanted to do something else (like lifting), but I managed it without any super long rides. I think our longest was 58 miles this month.

I started the month at 1639 and just made it today!  That’s the total miles for the year so far.  Nice.  The final ride of the month to celebrate?  To yogurt!

This was rum cheesecake topped with coconut. Cooper’s Cave stops selling the Only 8 after this weekend.  Booo….

2.  A week with no ‘land meat’.  Done.  This wasn’t that hard, especially after I OD’ed on poultry the week before.  I do like my meat, though.

3. Paint the front porch floor.  Half way done.  One half.  Looks good!

The other half:

Lots more scraping needed to be done on this side, plus we have to fix some boards that were rotted, so it put us behind. Now we have a hole.

We should be mostly done with it by the end of the holiday weekend if I get off my duff.  Just a little bit more scraping, scrub it down, fix the boards and paint.  Easy peasy.

4. Get fully back to 90/10 eating instead of living in the 10%.  I give myself maybe a B- here (being generous).  I had some days very on and some snacky days. I probably am closer to 80/20 at best.  Definitely need work here

5. Treat my hubby to a great birthday!!  Done.  At least he seemed to enjoy it 😀

So that’s the wrap!  The month went by awful fast. I plan on enjoying the weekend – hope you all have a great holiday weekend!

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14 thoughts on “August Wrap Up

  1. Kathy W.

    Porch looks great!

    Can you share how much scraping you do before you paint? In other words, are you scraping off the loose bits, or sanding it down to bare wood? I ask because I have a similar project in mind, and would like to hear I don’t have to sand it all off. 🙂

    1. Lori Post author

      There are about 3 layers of paint in spots. Mostly just getting off where there are multiple layers and getting off anything else loose. Not going down to bare wood unless the paint is peeling off. We just want a uniform clean surface to work with. The prior owners just painted over all the peeling paint, so that is what we have been getting rid of most.

  2. Jody

    I love the random air popcorn popper machine on your porch table…haha! Great post, been loving your blog…what is 90/10 eating?

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