Riding and relaxing

Holiday weekend.  I actually had most of the weekend off, too!  I worked for a couple hours Saturday morning and that was it!

It’s no secret that I have a little trouble relaxing.  I can sit and fiddle on the computer with no problem, but sometimes just vegging out is hard for me.  I always feel like I need to be doing stuff.

John and I chose to bike to lunch on Saturday and we wanted to go somewhere different.  So, we went to Greenwich. We have not been here at all this year.  It’s all road riding and a few steep hill sections.  (yay… not).

Bright and sunny today. AKA sunburn sky, so I was loaded for bear with sunscreen.

We stopped at our usual checkpoint 8 miles in at the rest area. This is the canal.

I had half of a protein bar, knowing there were some hills coming up.


Great day for a ride!

Then it was time to climb.  Here we reached the top of the 2nd set of hills.  It’s farm country here and quite pretty.  This was around mile 11 or so?

Note the blue skies and sun.  Fall?  Maybe not!

We arrived in Greenwich at mile 16.5.  This is cute little town with nice buildings.

Kind of sleepy town.  We decided to eat at the Village Cafe

Nice zinnias!  Note to self to grow some next year.

They were celebrating their 2 year anniversary.  It was some other cafe before that and I guess these people bought it.  It’s very cute inside.

Whoever does their baking is pretty amazing as well.  I had an egg sandwich with a side of fruit.

I should have gotten a picture of John’s sandwich.  The most amazing wheat bread with thick slices.  He also had a piece of peach pie for dessert, which he declared the best pie in the area.

He also noted that he wanted this place for a meal during football season for winning the weekly picks.  Too bad he won’t be winning any.   😈  (16-0, here I come!).

Since it was their 2 year anniversary, they gave out free cookies, which I saved for later.  We walked around town and window shopped.  You know a great way to save money is to go shopping when on a bike.  It keeps you from actually buying anything because you can’t get it home!

We stopped at one of my favorite consignment shops.  They have a cat named Ms. Sophie, who just hangs out there.  She didn’t even wake up for this picture or my petting.

I think she is very old.

John had suggested biking on to Saratoga and home, but that would have been close to 60 miles and I kind of wanted a more relaxing day.  We decided to loop around a little and head back towards home.  Map check.

That always makes me slightly nervous.  Messing up with the map can lead to a really long ride LOL!

We headed towards Schuylerville and back into familiar territory.  The Hudson river.

The last 11 miles were directly into a headwind.  That was quite the workout, I have to say.  I needed a break at mile 27. This is the sister rest stop to the one from the first part of our ride.  It’s right across the road!

I had my cookie that I got from the Village Cafe.  It was an oatmeal scotchie!

This cookie looks small in the picture, but it wasn’t that small.


After that stop, it was 8 miles into the headwind and a hill at the end.  Whew!  I made it up all the hills today.  The last one was a killer.  No chain drops or falling over or walking – so I would call that a success 😀

36 miles for Saturday.

Sunday was definitely nice and relaxing.  We did our usual biking for breakfast, I did some work on the porch and then we had a S’mores party! Some day I will have a yard big enough for a fire place.

I think my dad was flashing gang signs at my brother-in-law here.


Hope you all are having a great holiday weekend!

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19 thoughts on “Riding and relaxing

  1. Helen

    I tried to balance some projects with relaxing this weekend. I do have a hard time just vegging as well – always feel like I need to get to something. Your weekend looked great. The “& Bakery” part of that sign alone would have made me want to stop there.
    Helen´s last blog post ..Tuesday Ten

    1. Lori Post author

      I love John’s legs. I am jealous of them (minus the hair).
      The protein bar was a Luna – chocolate dipped coconut. I think they are new – and good, too!

  2. Roz@weightingfor50

    Awww…Ms. Sophie didn’t wake up while you patted her??? AWWW….are you sure she was breathing?? 🙂 What a lovely weekend you had Lori, and I agree, I love fall, but the end of August IS a bit sad, isn’t it???
    Have a wonderful Tuesday.
    Roz@weightingfor50´s last blog post ..Wet Warriors

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