What’s blooming today!

Thank you Friday!  Not as much blooming now, but it is time for mums!

My back stoop:

Mums really herald the fall, don’t they?

(nice focus, Lori).

I have been moving plants around into the new bed.  I moved the irises that didn’t bloom to part of the new bed.

My scentimental rose is coming back after losing all its leaves.  Yay!

I also moved the red hot pokers.  I have had these for 2 seasons and they never bloomed, so I am not sure if they need more sun?  So, that is what they are going to get.

The sedum in the background is really pretty now.

Do you ever think about where stray animals get their food and water?  Here is the answer to one of those questions:

I also know a sucker person who may or may not have bought a bag of cheap cat food…

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11 thoughts on “What’s blooming today!

    1. Lori Post author

      I think Pixie would have a complete cow if we tried to bring another cat into the household! Like John said – no one can usurp her.

  1. debby

    Ruh roh. Does John know about the cat food?

    I have a friend who has those red hot pokers in straight sunlight and they seem to do really well there.

    Oh, you are making me want some mums. I haven’t seen any that were that pretty yet.
    debby´s last blog post ..An Alternate Universe

  2. Leah

    I love mums and have two small pots of red ones on my porch steps. I had lots of them in Oklahoma and miss them planted in front of the house. I’m not sure if the owner would let me take out what is there and plant them. They’re a little more particular about that stuff here.

    🙂 re: cat food … I don’t even feed the neighbor cat, but it hangs out on my porch..must be comfy. 😛
    Leah´s last blog post ..Weigh-In … I Found It

  3. deb

    Red hot Pokers Lori think hot dry Tx….they like full sun 6-8 hours and little water……I had mine in Tx on the east side of the house and they bloomed both years i had them….humming birds LOVE them! Irises need a lot of sun too…..but protection from the hot hot afternoon sun will help with the burned tips they sometimes get……Hugs! deb
    Can’t wait to play in some flower beds myself!
    deb´s last blog post ..Expectations………..

  4. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    I love mums!

    I’m a little concerned about the absence of a railing on your back porch, but then again, I keep forgettring I’m more of a klutz than most. I’d have fallen off that thing a few times already. 🙂
    Cammy@TippyToeDiet´s last blog post ..Tossed Salad

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