Biking for jazz

What a gorgeous fall weekend!  Both days were nice, but Sunday was the nicest day.  Lake George was having the jazz festival all weekend, so we wanted to ride up on Sunday.  Now Sunday is also bagel day, which meant a double dip ride on the day.  We had a rewards card earnings of a free bagel, so we went to Panera Bread to start the day.  It was 41 degrees this morning!  That is close to the cutoff for riding temperature – and it is only mid September!

My loverly bagel:

Panera Bread is 16 miles round trip.  We went home for a bit and I packed up a lunch to bring to the jazz festival.  I wanted pastries, so that meant packing a lunch.  It had warmed up a bit into the 50s by the time we left.  We took the paths all the way there today.

We stopped for a quick snack.  This was around mile 11 or so (or 27 total miles).

So beautiful out today.  I think I kept saying that, too.  I had some dried pineapple.

Just starting to see some change in the sumacs now.  Color will be changing pretty soon.

I love biking – yay!

We arrived at the lake ready for some music!

The first group:

The sax player also brought out a bass flute, which is pretty cool.

And did I mention how beautiful it was?

We ate lunch while listening.

My mother came up for a while to listen as well, so we met her on the other side of the stage for the second group.  This one had a slide trumpet – which was interesting.

We had stopped at the Lake George Baking company for a few pastries to have in the afternoon.  John got lattes:

It’s pretty!

My mom and I each had one of these sfogliatelle, which is a shell shaped pastry filled with an orange ricotta cheese mixture.  I had to look up the name – they should make it easier for such a delicious pastry!

I might have also consumed a fantastic cannoli that I forgot to get a picture of.  I love long ride days  :mrgreen:

Lots of boats docked right on the lake behind the stage and listened to music. How cool would that be??


You just can’t make up these gorgeous colors.  We are lucky to have this jewel of a lake in the Adirondacks.

It was starting to get chilly and John and I were getting tired of sitting on the ground LOL! One thing about biking, you can’t bring your sitting chairs or even a blanket really.  Time to head on out.   I was a little stiff at first, but then loosened up and felt pretty awesome on the hills.  Still in good bike shape right now for the season.

I took a picture of John’s computer today 😀

Ride stats:

Total miles:  47.3

Average speed:  12.4 mph

Top speed: 27 mph

Calories burned: 1410

What a great day!  Fall is my favorite time of year.  I really want another weekend day, though.  I am not ready for Monday yet!

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13 thoughts on “Biking for jazz

  1. debby

    What a gorgeous, gorgeous day! Plus, riding to hear live music? What could be better? We are having a last hurrah heat wave here. There is no sign of fall right now!

    Now that pastry looks worthy!! That is exactly the kind of pastry I would choose!
    debby´s last blog post ..An Alternate Universe

  2. Helen

    I love how you and John share this healthy lifestyle. We love jazz so I’d definitely be up for biking to something like that but I’m pretty sure Mr. Helen would want to drive LOL! That pastry sounds sooooooo good. I wonder if there’s a simpler English translation for that name?
    Helen´s last blog post ..No Magic Pills

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