Bagels, bulbs and Boo.

Boy did we get some rain yesterday! Soaking rain and some wind as well.  When we got up this morning, it had stopped raining, but we decided to drive to breakfast instead of bike because of wet roads and probable debris from the wind.

Settled in for this!

Arrr….  That is my only pirate talking for the day.  Enjoy.

Very busy with work today.  It’s been a little spotty the last couple weeks, so it was a good day for working.

Do you like the new view from our table?

Lunch is served! Our dining room table is now in the living room since we ripped up my favorite carpet in that room.

The package of TJ sesame cashews was breached, so that was dessert.

These are so yummy!

Anyway, one of the stray kitties and I have been making friends.  I know these are strays because they are dirty, thin, have fleas and and this guy is not neutered (not to mention being by our house all the time).  Even if someone did own him, they don’t deserve him for how shabby he is.  His full name is Mr. Casper Boo.

When I told John that I was buying some cheap food for the stray, he said “We are down the Yellow Brick Road now. We are doomed.”  Poor John.  He really deserves an extra special Christmas present.

Casper is really becoming quite friendly, although skittish if you stand up next to him.  It makes him nervous. I am going to really try to rehome this little guy.  He needs to be rehabbed a bit to get some weight on him, get rid of the fleas and I will probably get him fixed for the next owner to make him more ‘attractive’ to an adopter. Shelters around here won’t take any more cats as they are too full.  Winter is coming soon and if I can get at least one of these cats rehomed, I would feel a lot better.

Snack time!

Plus I opened up a box that came today!

I have an order from another company coming as well.  I am going to have bulbs coming out my ears!  Good thing I expanded the flower bed  :mrgreen:

I do have to replace some that didn’t come up this spring, so I don’t actually have too many new ones.  Okay, I guess I have a good number of new ones…

After dinner, we did a little more work on the floor.

Underlayment over the plywood.  Actually, most of the time was spent undercutting the trim around the doorways.  Tedious.

Now we are doing this:

I feel like I have a lot of stuff on my plate right now.  Whew!

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19 thoughts on “Bagels, bulbs and Boo.

  1. debby

    You do have a lot going on. I just can’t believe you guys can replace a floor by yourself! You are a very very nice person for working on that stray cat to find him a new home. We have people in our county who work on cats like that–they call them barn cats. It doesn’t get so cold out here, though, so they do okay as outside cats.

    Yummy pineapple. I am hungry for dinner. It is very tempting to go and grab that, but I will resist!
    debby´s last blog post ..100. And Counting.

  2. Molly

    Hi Lori.
    Cats are frequently dumped into my yard. People see my indoor cats in the windows and think “Oh, she’ll take care of it”. I live on a busy road and my first worry is about them getting hit so I have a humane trap – the kind that just shuts behind them. I’ve caught quite a few of the strays & abandoned cats using a can of smelly cat food. It helps to have a thick pair of gloves to pick up the cage for the trip to the vet (I always get them neutered or spayed too) in case they are so scared they try to bite or scratch.
    Mr Casper Boo & Lily are lucky to have found your yard 🙂

  3. Lori Post author

    Click and lock laminate isn’t really that hard.

    I just worry about the kitties. We live on a busy street and it gets cold. I just kind of want them to feel like somebody cares about them.

  4. Shelley B

    I wondered “what kind of food is in that box?” – oh, bulbs. Probably don’t taste very good…well, to us humans, anyway. 😉

    Mr. Boo is looking at you like “why you give me food, no one is nice to me like this” – very sweet of you to take care of these kitties.
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Wednesday Workout Update – 8 Miles!

  5. Fran

    Yah for a little bit of Dutch tulips in your garden next year. You should really come to visit my country in Spring and then visit the Keukenhof. You will be amazed with all the flowers there.

    Funny what Shelley said. During World War II the people in Holland ate flower bulbs because there was no food during the Winter of 1944-1945. So you can eat them 🙂

    You’re so sweet for the kitten, I hope you will find a home for him.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Monday September 17, 2012: Mishmash

  6. Sharon

    Think my double excuse for a trip to the Lake George area is bike riding with you and to see all your remodeling. I think we certainly share a love of older homes though living in one can be frustrating at times.
    Sharon´s last blog post ..Mountain Meanderings

  7. KiKi

    My stray’s name is Henry. He might be a girl though…Shem is at my door every morning by 7am. I open up a can and shem just stares at me. Someone eats it. I think shem just wants love and attention. Oh, Henry!
    KiKi´s last blog post ..Motivation Station.

  8. Biz

    I would love to replace my kitchen floor – its shitty tiles and the dog hair seems to pile up overnight – so gross!

    Hooray for tulips!

  9. Taryl

    I hate dealing with flooring, I’m glad my husband is a trooper and does it himself while I manage the kids and meals 😉

    Cute stray, though I agree your husband deserves some major credit for you slowly becoming a crazy cat lady, in addition to a crazy gardening lady and crazy cycling/iron pumping lady. Good on him!

    You are busy, it’s not just appearances. Busy can be good, though, so long as it doesn’t drive us mad.

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