Shoulder update and thrifting

Off to the doctor’s I went this morning. I went to a different provider since I felt that my last one really dropped the ball as far as care for my back. This office is only about a mile from home, so I was able to walk there and back (in the drizzle – will it ever stop raining???).  More gorgeous color!

Maple trees are the best for fall color!

Anyway, the verdict is a shoulder sprain, although they want x-rays because it is not common to have the clavicle stick out like mine is with a sprain, so I probably wrenched it pretty good. One of the problems with living in a small town is that I have to go to another office for the x-rays because they are only done in a central location.  The office by me doesn’t do enough x-rays on a daily basis to afford a machine or an x-ray technician.  Gotta love small town living.  I am to not overdo it with my shoulder and to get some physical therapy exercises so my shoulder doesn’t freeze up.  Healing time is 6 to 8 weeks, but my clavicle may never go back again.

Ironically, she was more concerned about my back/leg than my shoulder.  She did reflexes and while my right leg shot right out when it was tapped, my left leg did about half of that.  She wanted me to get an EMG nerve conduction study done to assess the full amount of nerve damage I have, but since I wouldn’t be getting surgery on my back unless I was in pain, I can’t really justify the $500 – $1000 that the EMG would cost with my insurance just to get that information.  If it becomes a painful problem again, I will get it done.  We have a high deductible, so I would be paying the whole thing out of pocket.  Ah yes,  US healthcare.  Such a sore sticking point with me.

Anyhoo – I decided I needed a little thrifting to take away the pain from my tetanus booster.  I am one of the lucky ones that gets a very sore arm from that shot. Stupid Lori asked for the shot in my left arm because of my right shoulder issue.  Then I realized later after I got the shot that would mean 2 sore arms.  D’uh… My excuse is that I did not have any coffee prior to my doctor visit  :mrgreen:

I actually went in search of furniture to repurpose.  I found this, which might go well in either the bathroom or as our new TV stand.

It’s a squidge big, so not sure it will work for either of those purposes, but it is also $125 and I was really looking for an inexpensive dresser to repaint and salvage.

I did find a couple tops, though.  One is a gold sweater. I don’t know if you can see the sparkle in it. Good for holiday time!

Total cost for these 2 tops?  $8!  Score!  I also should have vacuumed the rug before putting clothes on it.

Today’s pink picture:

This is my gardening notebook. I keep lists of my plants and a mapped layout of my garden. Plus receipts for plant warranty and ideas for future projects. If only the rest of my life were so organized!

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16 thoughts on “Shoulder update and thrifting

  1. Molly

    Hi Lori.

    I’m glad you received an answer about your shoulder. Being without medical insurance myself I know how expensive it is. A sticking point with me too. I hope you never have the need for the EMG study. I’m wishing you well ~ Molly

  2. debby

    Thank you so much for sharing the fall foliage pics with us! I can dream…

    VERY interesting about her wanting the EMG study, because I was thinking about you the other day, and thinking that it sounded like you had nerve damage to that leg, and I was going to say that nerves regenerate so slowly, but maybe in 7 years, you might be as good as new! And I’m right there with you on not paying for “information only” tests. Since my insurance changed this year, I am thinking about whether I really need any tests they order.

    Sparkly clothes!! Seems you can always find like-new holiday clothes at the thrift!
    debby´s last blog post ..Bananas!, an Oops, and Planning Ahead

  3. Fran

    Hope the xray reveals something and you know what’s wrong and what you can do about it. Again I’m glad that I live in a country with a good health care/insurance. Sure we pay a lot every month but if we have something we don’t have to worry about the costs.

    I love your gold sweater, very cute.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Wednesday October 3, 2012: My second running career

  4. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    Nice thrift store finds!

    And yes, health insurance/health care is a sore point with me too. I get especially testy when people who HAVE insurance and financial stability complain about their $20 co-pays or $500 annual deductible.
    Cammy@TippyToeDiet´s last blog post ..Ah, Vacation!

  5. Diane, fit to the finish

    I’m glad you were able to be seen about your shoulder. I know healthcare costs are crazy but at least you got seen. My aunt’s husband, who lives in Australia, fell and hurt his shoulder. He broke it badly and because of their healthcare system had to wait 10 days to have it set surgically. Then it had healed partially . . . Well, it was a mess.

    I love that dresser and that was a score on the shirts – very pretty.
    Diane, fit to the finish´s last blog post ..Those Little Foods Can Really Get You

  6. Helen

    Well you know I’ve been on a diatribe about the US healthcare system. Even WITH insurance I’ve now spent $2000 on my foot (my portion) and still don’t have an answer! (Hoping today…)

    You sure did wrench that shoulder hard but I’m glad you’ve gotten a diagnosis and will be getting some PT.

    I’ve been looking for an old dresser or credenza that I could paint or refinish and use in my dining room too but now with the prices at thrift stores I’m starting to think I’d be better off buying an inexpensive something at Target. Love that gold sweater – that will dress up many outfits for you!
    Helen´s last blog post ..Major Rackety Irritation

  7. Biz

    Sorry about your shoulder – that stinks. 🙁 But thriftng solves everything!! I’ve only done one refinishing project – our neighbors got rid of their outdoor furniture because it was all faded – it was teak and they never seal coated it!

    It took me a month, but I sanded it down, restained it and seal coated it – it looked brand new!
    Biz´s last blog post ..Beer Battered Cauliflower Tots

  8. Kathy Ditmore

    That piece of furniture is going to be so lovely painted. I would replace the hardware too. Congrats on your 20 years! I’m at 20 with my honey too. There’s something to be said for longevity. Good luck with your shoulder. I hope it heals completely and quickly.

  9. Jody - Fit at 54

    Lori – so much with your bod!!! I hoe the recovery is sooner than the time but glad it is not worse!!!!

    Yes – no health insurance here either!!!! Heck, we can just have an ambulance pick us up “from our apartment” & take us to the expensive ER room when we get really sick. I think you get my drift here… like those without insurance are just poor people that live in apartments! 😉 OK – sorry for the political interlude!

    LOVE your fall colors!!!!!
    Jody – Fit at 54´s last blog post ..Push-Ups & Your Core – Check this Out!

  10. Kathy W.

    Hope you get more answers from the x-ray!

    The health insurance situation in the U.S. is something I rant about all the time. It’s bad enough if you have insurance. If you’re uninsured, the already expensive EMG would cost 2-8 times as much, even if you paid cash upfront. So the docs/hospitals make way more from the self-paying uninsured than they do from what insurance companies, Medicare, and Medicaid pay for the same procedure.

    It makes me crazy.

  11. E. Jane

    So sorry about your shoulder, and I hope that you will heal quickly. I’m glad that the diagnosis wasn’t some of the more serious conditions that you mentioned. Take care…
    E. Jane´s last blog post ..Back to Reality

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