Friday drizzle

What a blah day.  It was like this in the morning.

I was planning on a run, but not in that weather.  Ick.  It was good weather for some protein waffles and apple topping, though!

I did not want to work today.  Seems like it is like that every Friday! Somehow I stuck through it – with lots of breaks.  I should learn not to do that because it makes my day longer, but it was tough concentrating today.

I had a typical lunch with my latest obsession of BBQ potato.

Some final touch ups done on the floor.  One room needed some shoe molding.

I will post pictures next week of the final finished project!  We are having my folks over for dinner this weekend to show it off, too  :mrgreen:

Friday lattes – looking out at the drizzle:

You know how you think it just can’t possibly rain, right?  Before dinner I thought maybe I would be able to get in a run before dark.

Nope.  Still raining.

Ever have those days where you just want to mindlessly munch instead of cook a meal?  I was really wanting to have one of those days.  I did not let myself, though.  I know I get a nice breakfast treat tomorrow as John has to buy my football meal this week and I wanted breakfast!!  I sort of bargained myself to have an omelet for dinner instead of potato chips and M&Ms  :mrgreen:

I need to get my pseudo lightbox out now that we don’t have the evening light anymore.  Where the heck did the daylight go?

I have clementines and half a protein bar on tap for a snack tonight.  We are hoping for some good riding this weekend.  The rain is supposed to clear out and be almost 60 degrees – and that there is biking weather!! Woo Hoo!

Today’s pink item?

Sure-Jell – for making those yummy, yummy jams.
The Breast Cancer Site

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6 thoughts on “Friday drizzle

  1. Sharon

    Isn’t it funny how a rainy day can affect us in such conflicting ways. Sometimes, the promise of a rainy day gets me all excited and i think of all the warm, cuddly, productive things I can do without the temptation to head outside. Other times, much like it seem syou felt yesterday, it makes me totally crazy (not to mention claustrophobic) because all I wanted was to be outside. Fickle women we are…..always wanting the opposite of what we’ve got!! Hope today brings the sunshine you’re hoping for. We’ve got sheer perfection here in East TN! Mostly sunny, peak fall color, temps of 70. We’re headed to the mountains!
    Sharon´s last blog post ..Totally Random Thoughts

  2. Fran

    I hear you on working on Friday. I’m glad I have a Friday off every two weeks.

    It’s not fun that it’s still dark when I leave the house in the morning and it’s getting dark earlier everyday. Next weekend the clock goes an hour backwards which means it will be dark at 7 pm and there won’t be many walks in daylight with Bella on weekdays. Boohoo!
    Fran´s last blog post ..Sunday October 21, 2012: I’m back!

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