Friday musings

* This is the kind of person I hope I would be in a situation like this:

Kind of gives you hope for humanity after all.

* I am glad they canceled the NYC marathon and think it was the right decision.  The problem is that they should have done it a few days ago, not after a lot of people probably arrived or were flying in to run the race.  Poorly handled.

* Guess my garden isn’t quite done yet.  The primroses are blooming again.

* I know some people don’t like leftovers, but I do!  My leftover Massaman curry from last night, which I amped up with some sauteed broccoli and the leftover rice.

I think the fact that it was a football winning meal also made it especially tasty 😀

* Unlikely for any biking this weekend as a high of 41 is a bit chilly for a long ride, not to mention mixed precip and wind on Saturday.  I wonder if we had our last outdoor ride of the season.  Still not putting the bike on the trainer just yet, though  :mrgreen:

* Craft show season is really getting started now.  Going to visit a few this weekend and get some Xmas shopping done!

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14 thoughts on “Friday musings

  1. debby

    I LOVE leftovers. Good thing, because unless I learn to cook single serving meals, there will always be leftovers around here. I need to go uncover my primroses and see if they are still there. They got buried underneath the sweet potato vine this summer.
    debby´s last blog post ..A Grain of Truth

  2. Kim

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the phone charging picture. I may only “know” you through blogland, but I am pretty certain that you would be sharing your electricity if given the opportunity!

    1. Lori Post author

      I imagine the airlines have had a pretty hectic week with reschedulings. What a mess the whole week has been. I know the city wanted the marathon to pump money in and feel like the city was getting back to normal, but it is just too soon!

  3. Helen

    When I heard the news about the marathon I actually hooted and hollered right out loud. I agree they waited far too long but people have no idea how bad it is down there. I actually have some IRL friends who trained for it (and raised $35,000 for a charity) and I know they were sorely disappointed but truly it was the right thing to do.

    If it weren’t for leftovers, we would not eat since I pretty much cook for the whole week on Sunday lol!
    Helen´s last blog post ..30 Days of Thanks, Day 3

  4. Kimberley

    I love doing all my catch up reading…lots of great food in your posts. The pumpkins were really great and the potato chowder looks just divine.

    Good luck with your November goals!

  5. Sharon

    I just love your food pics. I might have to borrow some of your meal ideas as they’re always so delicious to look at. We, in Australia, have followed the Sandy saga here on the news. Having gone through the equivalent here with Yasi I know how everyone must of felt.
    Sharon´s last blog post ..November Goals

  6. Fran

    I like leftovers but don’t eat them often because I plan everything. But last week and this week I had enough food on Sunday and we ate that on Monday too which is convenient because I clean my house Monday evening and not having to cook saves time. My plan is to do this every week from now on.

    I agree that it was a wise decision to cancel the marathon but indeed too late. There were a lot of Dutch runners that would have run it. Some are in NY right now but they all said on the news that they understood the decision and they weren’t too disappointed.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Sunday November 4, 2012: Starting over

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