Lower carbing and being thankful

Today is a lower carb day this week.  Good thing, because there were sales on candy corn at the grocery store yesterday! 2 bags for $1.  Can’t pass that up.  Or I guess I could have, but didn’t.

Breakfast was one I haven’t had in while – the coconut flour banana bread pudding.  Our toaster oven is on the fritz, so I haven’t made this in a while and decided to use the regular oven today to make it.   Having the oven on helped warm me up.  I have been struggling with staying warm since the weather changed for whatever reason.

Topped with a couple tablespoons of almond buttah!

I worked and had a quick lunch  before heading out to meet my new literacy learner.

Nothing like grapes that are on the road to raisin town.  I had hot sauce on the turkey burger to get warmed up.

I met with a new literacy learner today. For those of you who are newer, last year I trained to be a tutor with Literacy New York.  I have had a couple learners, but they have dropped out.  I had a talk with the coordinator because it is hard to feel it isn’t me, but we really don’t think so.  Anyway, today I met my new learner and talk about making you feel thankful and grateful.  This learner had spinal cancer about 4 years ago, which left him paralyzed from the waist down.  Yet, he gets out there and is quite independent.  He has put 4000 miles on his motorized wheelchair!  It’s amazing to me.  Whenever I think about things that are annoying to  me, like my back and leg issues, yet I can still do pretty much everything I want to do, compared to someone who survived a very serious illness and came out paralyzed, it really puts things in better perspective for me.

We had a good starting session, so hopefully things will move along well.

Since I was downtown, I had to stop for my pick-me-up after our meeting.

Look how long my hair is getting!  I also brought home a coffee for John, good wife that I am.  This was my snack with my latte:

Classic Lori for dinner today.  I cooked up a lot of chicken.  Hi poultry rut!

More hot sauce to keep warm  :mrgreen:   Not only was today lower carb, but it ended up grain-free as well.

John is home tonight and we are going to watch MNF – Geaux Saints!  I did lose the football picks this week, boooooo.  Now John is lording it over me with where he wants to go for dinner.  Guess I need to let him have a week once in a while to keep his morale up.

My evening snack ready to go – almond milk and these almond meal crackers!

I really, really like these and the recipe is coming on Tuesday for them.  Have a great night!

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14 thoughts on “Lower carbing and being thankful

  1. Sharon

    Good luck with your new learner. I’ve been around since you made that commitment and did the training, so I know it’s important to you. I sincerely doubt any problems with the learners can be attributed to you. I’m betting this one works out.
    Sharon´s last blog post ..Safety Net

  2. suzanne

    I saw some candy corn in the bulk food department and thought about getting some but compared to how yours looks it wasn’t tempting. All stuck together! Oh well there’s always next year.
    suzanne´s last blog post ..It’s Monday!

  3. Helen

    Great Minds Think Alike! Yesterday morning as I made a Banana Bread Breakfast Pudding, I thought, “I wonder when one of these will show up on Lori’s blog?” I too ended up having a grain-free day.

    I was so glad the Saints won – while I didn’t win the picks, that win made us tie and I’m good with that as I was tired of losing. 😀
    Helen´s last blog post ..Have Your Say

    1. Lori Post author

      It’s a wedge of laughing cow cheese on the burger. Someone once commented that it was cool that I put mashed potatoes on my burger when it was the cheese LOL!

      It’s okay to be a Seahawks fan around here. They hardly ever play the Broncos 😀

  4. kris asgian

    I’m very new to your site…and based on the fact that you are a football fan, I should probably divulge that you have a follower who is a die-hard Seahawks fan. Hope this doesn’t hamper our relationship! 🙂

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