Thanksgiving Feast!

What a great Thanksgiving!  The weather was beautiful, food plentiful and lots of fun was had.

John and I did a 2 mile power walk in the morning.  This was to participate in Alissa’s 5K.  I actually did not run this (for many reasons I won’t get into now).  So, the plan was to power walk 2 miles, and then drag any family members out later after dinner for the last mile.  :mrgreen:

John made Alton Brown’s cornbread pudding:

We went on the power walk while that was baking (do not be like us and do this). Good incentive to keep the pace up.  Glad the house was not on fire when we got back .

I made sure Pixie and Billy had their Thanksgiving meal.


Then it was off to our Thanksgiving tradition of eggnog lattes!  We stopped at Saratoga Coffee Traders to get ours.

It was very, very busy there, too.  Guess everyone wants a latte before eating turkey!


Arrival at my sister’s house and we helped finish out cooking.  My sister and her youngest.

Me and the youngest niece.

Our turkey was smaller this year at only 23 pounds  :mrgreen:  It actually fit in the roasting pan.

John’s duty for any dinner with a bird is to carve the meat.  Only we forgot the electric carving knife set, so he had to do it by hand.  Ooops!

My sister’s lovely dishware.  This is from the wedding 20 years ago.

I couldn’t quite get everyone in the shot here.  We had 9 for dinner.

My parents are ghosts!

My plate:

I like the little asparagus like this – more tender than the big stalks. We had roasted sweet potatoes this year instead of sweet, which is how I like them best!

My side plate with my mom’s cranberry bread and my cranberry sauce:

I had 2 of these plates.

After dinner, we recruited walkers to get out and enjoy the nice weather! Saw lots of deer tracks.

We went by the pond and spent time throwing sticks on the thin ice.  Yep, doesn’t take much to entertain us.

The sun was starting to set over the water.

A nice half hour walk/hike.  Not quite sure how far we went, probably a mile and a half?

Then it was time for dessert and games!  My trifle:

This was actually really good, but I think the recipe can easily be cut in half. It made so much!  We also had several pies – pumpkin, apple and coconut.  Dave’s (my BIL) brother works at Entemann’s and he brought apple and coconut pies to dinner.  I actually didn’t have any pie, but had 2 servings of trifle. Yum!

We broke out Telestrations.  What a fun game!  You start with a secret word, which you draw. Then you pass your drawing on to the next person who had to guess what your drawing is (without knowing the secret word). Everyone has a booklet and they travel around the circle with drawing and guessing until you get your book back.  Then laugh at how far off the guesses are!  For example – my secret word was:

And drawing of said nachos by John:

He said he was trying to draw a picture of Mexico surrounding the nachos.  Not sure I believe that.  I think my booklet came back with the final guess of pie or something like that. Anyway, it was a lot of fun.  Good call on getting that game.

I do love the football on Turkey day, but I just kept an ear on the games in the other room because I love board games on holidays!

Very thankful for all that I have.

I did not totally stuff my face.  I ate a few too many cashews (okay, a lot of cashews),  but there was no point where I felt to full. Good day.

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13 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Feast!

  1. debby

    Yes, that is a good picture of you!

    Yes, what’s up with all these people going out for coffee on Thanksgiving? I swear, some of the people in line before me were ordering their Thanksgiving dinners!

    I love your plate of food. I am ending up having to make some cranberry sauce for myself. None left at the stores.

    It just sounds like a perfect day. I love that shot of the pond.
    debby´s last blog post ..What if?

  2. Tish

    I think we’re twins. We got the Christmas stuff out this weekend too. Also we played telestrations after Tgiving dinner. You’re right, lots of fun. We laughed a lot. We’re trying to work out if we can get warm enough to bike when it’s cold outside, but not icy. My biggest problem with the cold is my ears–I get ear aches if they’re too cold. Enjoy the season!

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