Thinking Spring

It was so cold today! I think maybe it hit 20 degrees?  Of course, in the dead of winter, what starts showing up in the mailbox but the garden catalogs!  Ah yes, sweet gardening.  While my garden sits under a blankie of snow right now:


I am busy planning.  Of course, there is a little less snow than this because some of it melted, but no ground to be seen.

I am ordering the Pumpkin Patch Rose Bush for the new garden bed extension.


Plus I am trying to decide between a few of these fun plants:

Sea Holly


Some Bee Balm – the short stuff.


I am dying over Bluestone’s ecchinacea collections as well.  You know I have that coneflower obsession thing going on.  We may have to move so I can just have an enormous garden while we live in a little shack in the corner.

This one is called Secret Passion –


Although it really reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake’s bonnet.  Does anyone remember that smelly doll? LOL

Normal people go out on Friday nights. I read through flower catalogs.

Is anyone else getting itchy to garden?

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17 thoughts on “Thinking Spring

  1. Sandy

    Your garden looks magical under all that snow Lori! The bee balm is very sweet and should fit right into the lovely planting that you had last year. It amazes me how you keep anything alive under the snow. I too am itchy to garden but it is 39 degrees (102 F) here today so my garden is not somewhere I want to be until watering time at dusk. I tend to plant more in the autumn as our part of the world starts to cool down. Look forward to seeing it come together and I think reading flower catalogues on a Friday night is a great way to spend your time!
    Sandy´s last blog post ..Dusting off the charcoal.

    1. Lori Post author

      The snow really acts like an insulating blanket against freezing and thawing. It’s pretty amazing!

      102 is too hot for me. Ugh!

  2. Carol B

    Me! Me! I just got some catalogs in the mail this week. Those pictures of big red juicy tomatoes gives me the itch to get started! I saw all your pictures through the summer and your garden is awesome!! I love how everything blooms at different times.

  3. deb

    I’am i have a brand new back yard to get started with and i don’t care for how them landscaped the front……The two trees they put in the front yard have to stay….they require that…imagine that…somebody telling you what you have to plant in your yard….can you tell i’m country folk?? sigh…housing assoc. who would have guessed i’d ever end up messing with on of those….?

    I think i’ve seen the sea holly or a version of it anyway growing wild in TX…its waaaay cool ..looks like little purple pineapple……..can you imagine if it smelled pineapple too!!! The Bee Balm grows nice here in CA……i remember seeing it in the spring……. I need to get me some gardening magazines!!! Hugs! deb
    deb´s last blog post ..Less Than Stellar……..

  4. sally C

    Such a beautiful snow scene in your garden. I just came in from the garden, its about 35 degrees (Celsius) here in Aus at 5 in the afternoon. I’m ready to jump in an ice bath.

  5. Sharon

    The snow picture is beautiful and if I were at home, I’d have some of my own to post. A gorgeous wet snow of about four inches fell Thursday which of course threw the entire town into a complete tailspin! Your pics and the ones sent to me by people at home were quite enough thank you. I’ll take my sunshine and warm temps. I love the bee balm and didn’t know it could be grown that way. It’s my favorite summer flower in the mountains and I look forward to it every year. Sometimes, it grows as tall as I am. Enjoy your weekend!
    Sharon´s last blog post ..A Day In The Life

    1. Lori Post author

      I don’t have any of the double decker (yet). I do have the ruffed coneflowers and those are my new obsession!

  6. Taryl

    Those flowers are incredible! I cannot wait to see what else you add, you have such a gorgeous garden each year and it is highly inspiring (despite me living in a zone that doesn’t play nicely with most flowers, boo Alaska!).

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