Winter weather

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I can’t believe it is Monday already. That’s what happens when you spend the weekend buried in tile.  I did make up some crock pot overnight pumpkin oats for breakfast so I could just wake up and eat today.  That’s a good way to start the morning.


I topped them with a bit of honey and some coconut cream. 


I had opened this can up thinking it would be like a really thick coconut milk, but it is sort of a cross between butter and coconut butter.  It’s very good!  A little goes a long way and kind of melts on top.

Our excitement for the day was tree trimming across the street. 


At first I thought they were going to take down this tree, but then I realized it was just the brush crew clearing branches from wires. That always makes the trees look so odd, and I kind like the tree because I can see it when I work.  It’s one of the first trees to change in the fall, too.

Nice weather, eh?  It started to snow steadily after this all day.  It is warmer though.  Weather perspective – we have had such bitter, bitter cold lately. Yesterday it got up to 20 degrees and we went out for a walk because it was warmer LOL!  Funny how that works.  Now we are supposed to get up to 50 on Wednesday! I would break out the bike if it wasn’t supposed to be rainy.

Change up for lunch today!  This is an egg sandwich with laughing cow.  I forget about these wheat English muffins in the freezer.


More snow all day.


Again glad that I work from home and didn’t have to drive in this mess.  It was perfect weather for this, though!


One good thing about doing this renovation is that I get too busy to snack.  Not to mention just the physical activity of it.  I have been doing well with my goals this year so far. 

John cooked up the salmon for dinner, because salmon was on sale yesterday and you know that means Salmon Monday!  :D   He baked it with some cajun seasoning and I think he brushed butter on it?  It was tasty.


I did snack on an ounce of cashews while dinner was cooking.  I bought cashews yesterday thinking I might be okay with them in the house again.  We’ll have to see.  Cashews can be like granola for me. Sometimes I am fine with it in the house, other times I face plant.  I’ve got a pile of grapes for my snack tonight while relaxing.  It’s a night off from reno.

And Downton Abbey, I have one word for you – Unforgivable!!

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13 thoughts on “Winter weather

  1. debby

    LOL at the Downton Abbey comment. Its just like any other soap. The actress wanted too much money or got a better job offer.

    Mmmm. Coconut cream. I might have to check that out. I’ve been wanting salmon for days, but just haven’t been in the right place to pick some up. Tomorrow for sure!
    debby´s last blog post ..A Good Weekend

  2. Helen

    Again, I find myself in envy of your work at home situation. I drove home in a mess last night and drove in to work on an ice skating rink this morning. Very hazardous. Very stressful!

    I guess DA is more realistic to some of us than Debby 😀 When I watched DA last night, I was glad I was alone. That is all.
    Helen´s last blog post ..Frozen Stiff

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