Tile part deux

What a Super Bowl, eh?  AT first it didn’t seem like it would be exciting, but then it turned out to be.  We had a spread for the game:


I enjoyed some of the commercials.  I am not a prude by any stretch, but I have to say that the half-time show and some of the commercials were just too suggestive – and even past suggestive to uncomfortable.  Especially when there were kids in the house (Go Daddy, I am looking in your direction here!).

My sister gave me a book that she had of mine. I don’t know how she ended up with this book, but it was one of my favorites as a kid.


I had to laugh because I see this note in the book – on the last page. 


LOL!  Smart Lori because you wouldn’t see this until after you finished the book.

After all that food, it was nice to get back to my usual morning stuff:


It was a busy day at work and then I had a call in to Rustoleum about the blue tile.  Of course, they were saying that if I just didn’t like the color, that was not covered under the guarantee and that the White Frost was supposed to be blue.  I was explaining to them that it wasn’t that I didn’t like the color – it was that the color did not match the sample. So, I uploaded pictures comparing the sample against the tile.


The top box on the left is the White Frost sample.  Doesn’t that color look more like the box below it (clear sky)?


Come on!  They got back to me later and told me that my tile color *was* white frost, but they will refund the money on my kits as a gesture of good faith.  I do appreciate that very much. So now we will redo the tile and not get White Frost, that is for sure.  Just plain white and hopefully that won’t be purple or something. They need to redo their sample cards.  I do love the product, though. Showering today and it was so fresh and clean feeling – although a bit like being in a public pool, as John said.

Now that means another weekend without a shower at some point. Not in a big hurry to redo that, I have to say. Before the end of the month. We’ll say that at least.

Now I can at least go back to my gold color scheme :D  This week will be finishing up the wall texturing before painting. It’s a bit tedious sanding down and going over to make the walls smooth, but it feels like progress now with the hardest parts behind (demo and redoing dry wall).

Just watched episode 5 of Downton Abbey.  I can’t believe the season is almost over. I think there are 7 episodes and the Christmas special?

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17 thoughts on “Tile part deux

  1. deb

    Wow their sample card is really bogus! So glad they got ya covered!….I was kinda disappointed with the SuperBowl commercials this year ……nothing fantasic….my fav last year was the little kid dressed as Darth Vader and he thought he started the car with his ‘POWERS’ lol….so cute……my fav this year i have to say was Budweiser and the horse but even that did not really GRAB me….it just missed the mark….GoDaddy was just ridiculous….we had no children present but i can just imagine if their were……oy…….I don’t consider myself a prude either but i sure wish they would quit pushing the envelope….. Hugs! deb

  2. Fran

    I think you’re right about Downton Abbey but the last two episodes are longer than the previous ones. Christmas special wasn’t about Christmas but just another episode a couple of months later. I love this show (thanks to you because you mentioned it and it got my attention), now I have to wait till next year for new episodes, boohoo.

    That sure is a nice gesture of the company and I’m glad you can redo it in the color that you like.

    Super bowl isn’t even aired here, if I didn’t read blogs I wouldn’t have known the game was on Sunday. Football isn’t a huge sport in Europe, soccer is.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Sunday February 3, 2013: Lovely weekend

    1. Lori Post author

      There was dip for the celery. And if you have buffalo chicken (wings or nuggets), blue cheese and celery are a must.

  3. Helen

    The note in your book cracked me right up! That’s how I feel about my special books too 😉

    Glad they refunded your money because I don’t care what they say, you DID NOT get the right color so either it’s their sample issue or it’s an issue on the part of the store that mixed it. End of story!!
    Helen´s last blog post ..Anatomy of a Burpee and other Anatomy Lessons

  4. Jody - Fit at 55

    Is it just wishful thinking or did I see candy corn in a bowl on the table??? 😉 As for GoDaddy – hated the commercial & well, as my host, not liking that either! 😉

    So glad that you got your money back on the tile! Good faith – they just knew it was wrong – pictures show it all! 🙂
    Jody – Fit at 55´s last blog post ..Gratitude Monday & the Bloody Nose

    1. Lori Post author

      Yeah, I really hated to be a beyotch about it, but I never would have gotten that color if I even thought it was going to look like that.

  5. Ali @ Peaches and Football

    That is pretty crazy – how on earth can they get away with the colors being that far off? If regular paint was that much different from the samples, NO ONE would be able to buy, much less match, paint colors!

    I loved the Clydesdale commercial. I’m a sucker 🙂

    GoDaddy and that disgusting noisy smooch-fest? Well… it was universally hated and yet it was totally memorable and everyone is talking about it. Maybe that’s a good marketing strategy. I don’t know.
    Ali @ Peaches and Football´s last blog post ..The 1600m Final

  6. debby

    Love the note in the back of your book!

    I’m glad R. gave you the money or product back. But it burns me up when a company won’t admit fault, and say they are just doing it to appease you. Ooh, it really burns me up.

    Oh well, at least you can move on.
    debby´s last blog post ..Adventures in Baking

    1. Lori Post author

      I am glad I am getting a refund (it better show up!!), but I still feel a bit annoyed that they admitted no wrong. The email was carefully worded to say that what was on my wall was the White Frost. So they would refund my money on good faith to keep me happy. I think this was their subtle way of saying the sample was incorrect without actually saying it, and by stating what was on my wall *was* white frost, I wouldn’t get it again thinking that the color would be what the sample shows. I’m not stupid and it was pretty obvious there is a problem. However, it is a new product and there will be a few bumps for them to get it figured out. I would buy it again (and will to redo the bathroom… )

  7. Shelley B

    I have similar things written in my childhood books, only in the front. I even CROSSED OUT my mother’s name in a hardback edition of Little House in the Big Woods that was given to her as a child – I wrote my name in there and took ownership of that book! You do not want to know what my brother and I did to our parent’s yearbook, lol!

    That Go Daddy commercial was just disgusting. Didn’t seem like there were very many good ones, but I loved Amy Pohler’s spot (especially when she asked if LTE was catching, because that is what my son works with).

    Finally, the customer service at Rustoleum can suck it. Their product did not match, in ANY WAY, their sample card. Sure, they are refunding your money, AS THEY SHOULD, but their snotty attitude needs to be improved.
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Today’s Miles Shirt Review and Giveaway!

  8. Roz@weightingfor50

    Hi Lori, glad you got the refund. And I LOL at John’s “public pool” observation. Love the note in your book! I’m sure your sister has been shakin’ in her boots all these years! 🙂 Have a great Tuesday.

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