Minty Savior

I have gotten back into the habit of popping mints instead of walking by the cereal box or nut jar when I get snacky.  This has been a tool that has served me well in the past.


I love the Altoids.  They have an ego, though.



I like most mints.  Wintergreen happens to be my favorite with ginger a close second. I don’t care much for spearmint, honestly.  John and I each learned something new about each other yesterday after knowing each other for 20 years.  I proclaimed my love for the wintergreen and he had no idea. Likewise that he prefers spearmint (ewwwww, but to each his own).

Mints work really well for me on a couple of levels. (The mints, they are deep like a river).  First off is that it is something in my mouth, which is part of what the snacking habit is.  They last for a little while, which is good and keeps me occupied.  The mint flavor in my mouth keeps me from reaching for something else.  Like brushing my teeth – that flavor just feels clean and it doesn’t marry well with anything but chocolate, really.

On a side note, did you know that before Pepsodent, toothpaste was not tingly or foamy or any of that stuff. It was more just a generic paste.  The foam and tingle do absolutely nothing to clean your teeth. They just give the illusion of cleanliness with feeling.  Marketing genius.  Pepsodent became the number 1 toothpaste for quite a while and then other companies copied them.  Now all our toothpastes are minty and foamy.  Full of junk we don’t need, but think we do.  Interesting, eh?  It’s amazing what a company can sell you in the name of health.


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13 thoughts on “Minty Savior

  1. debby

    Thanks for the toothpaste tutorial. This is the blog I turn to most frequently for those unanswered questions!

    I use Eclipse gum!!! Peppermint is #1, Polar Ice #2, and Spearmint is a distant #3. In fact, I just popped a couple in my mouth before finishing this comment!
    debby´s last blog post ..How to Build a Better Pizza

  2. Ali @ Peaches and Football

    I’ve never tried Altoid mints but I’ll admit I do like spearmint too! I used to be addicted to the Orbit Sweet Mint gum. Yum yum.

    I’m always annoyed when it comes to toothpaste. Even the “healthy” stuff still has titanium dioxide in it to keep the paste looking white. I’d rather have gray-ish paste and not the nasty chemicals. It’s the brushing action that does more for cleaning teeth than the paste anyway.

    When do we get to see the bathroom unveiling!!!???
    Ali @ Peaches and Football´s last blog post ..Swimming in Sweets

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