Just the food

Lots of mint lovers out there, it seems 😀   Whatever works to keep you on track, right?

Just mostly eats today. I have been posting all about rehab – now it’s time for food! 😀  I have been on good track for most of the month, which was one of my monthly goals – and I can’t believe there will be a monthly recap in a couple of days already.

I was sleepy this morning. Now that I have finished the rehab, I have to say that I have felt very tired the last few days.  It was a big project to work on, and honestly – I am not getting any younger!

Today called for a nice warming breakfast.  Banana bread pudding.  I think some people pinned this because I am getting a ton of traffic this page from Pinterest.


Topped with almond butter and homemade strawberry jam.  Good stuff indeed!

Work was very busy today. Good thing because it is going to be getting slower and I will probably have to flex hours around to get work in.  That’s the nature of the transcription industry, though.  If you think you can work a set schedule, it is highly unlikely.  Maybe most of the time, but certainly not all of the time.

Lunch time. It was 40 degrees out today and to celebrate the heat wave, I had Greek yogurt!  Blueberry sauce and some Oh’s.  John used to eat this cereal all the time and decided to get some for old time’s sake.  It’s tasty stuff, actually.


I also got something I haven’t had in a while for a snack. Lindt dark chocolate with a hint of sea salt.  It pairs perfectly with the latte.


2 square serving has only about 90 calories.

John and I had completely different meals tonight. All leftovers LOL!  I had some pork tenderloin that we cooked the other day, along with the usual trimmings.


John ended up eating red beans and rice he pulled from the freezer. We eat dinner together, but not always the same thing (and he never has the broccoli, silly boy). Good thing John cooks because I don’t make 2 meals.

Going out tonight to drop off my guitar for fixing. I have been playing my old one and it sounds terrible. Or I make it sound terrible, I guess. It’s hard to go back to a student model when you have a nicer one.  I don’t want to practice because I am not enjoying it so much.  After dropping it off, then to console with coffee.   😛

Stay tuned tomorrow for the final bathroom pictures! Yay!

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12 thoughts on “Just the food

  1. Kathy W.

    I’m a mint girl too–also often suck on one while exercising. There was a study that showed that carbs detected by the roof of your mouth during exercise improve performance, before/whether the sugar is actually processed. I know that for me, just one little mint always gives me more energy. (I also find it to be a good insomnia cure, paradoxically enough!)

    (also love dark chocolate w/sea salt. I was looking for my favorite brand in Target last night but the ones they had expire in a week. Waiting on the fresh stuff…)

  2. Jody - Fit at 55

    OMG, celebrating 40 degrees!!! I am waiting for our high 70’s tomorrow to be warm! 😉 We are such babies here!

    Love that recipe & tweeted & pinned again so expect more traffic! 🙂

    YES, you should be tired after all that rehab work – that would put e down for weeks! 😉
    Jody – Fit at 55´s last blog post ..On a “Diet”? Read This…

  3. Liam Rubel

    I usually prefers the Greek yogurt with lots of fruits like apple, orange, pears, strawberry, raspberry and honey in the morning. It makes my stomach full up to lunch time. It’s low calorie food with great taste.

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