February Wrap Up!

Short month and can we please move on to spring???

Here are the goals set for February and the progress I made towards them:

1. Finish the bathroom renovation.  Done! If you missed the reveal, it is here.  I would have liked to have finished it earlier in the month, but there was a delay in ordering the floor and I have that darn job to work. 😉  I am very, very pleased with the project overall and the budget.

2. Exercise 60 minutes most days of the week.  I struggled with this one.  Part of it was that the renovation was so tiring that getting more than 30 minutes in was just not in the cards.  I actually think the reno counted for a lot of exercise, so maybe I did okay here. The scale seemed to agree with that assessment, so I’ll take it.

3. Purge my closet. Oopsie.  This one just got away from me.  I’ll have to move it to March  😳

4. Keep on with my good eating habits. I did quite well this month and am making progress towards a smaller size. Probably almost halfway there now? I had a few days mid month where I got off course and snacked too much, but then got it back.  I also worked in some delicious meals like our Mardi Gras party and some Indian food!


Mmmm…. delicious naan bread.

5. Do some kind of Pay-It-Forward thing. I decided to go with  Cup of Joe for  a Joe.  You purchase cups of coffee for service men and women that they redeem on bases that have these shops.  It’s nice because you purchase in $2 increments so you can sponsor many different service members with just a little thank you and a piece of normalcy.  I got emails in response from the recipients thanking me as well – so I know it goes right to them!


I finished 2 books this month.

One was an oldie that I never actually read.

Alice’s Adventures  in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.


I actually really like the Disney cartoon of this. In fact, I prefered it to the actual book.  Go figure. That rarely (if ever) happens.

The Exquisite by Laird Hunt.


I’ll just post my Good Reads review here.

This was an interesting book. It is a book about Henry and seems to be about his slide in and out of reality post 9/11 and how he coped after that in a sense. Or it just happened to be set post 9/11, which Henry describes as “the events downtown.”

Henry meets up with a Mr. Kindt, who hires him to do fake murders for hire. The book parallels this along with Henry’s stay in what seems to be some sort of institution and the choice for the reader is which is the reality.

It’s all told from Henry’s point of view and some of the writing is lucid and the other is more train of thought (medication induced?). Overall an interesting book to read and I think it is more about the writing style than the actual story that makes it good.

Now that I am done with rehabbing, I have more time to read – and just do other stuff in general.


On to March goals tomorrow!


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10 thoughts on “February Wrap Up!

  1. debby

    I love that cup of joe idea. And that you got emails thanking you? That is very rare (I think) in a charitable donation that you actually know where it is going to.

    You are so good with your goals. I am sure your rehab work counted for exercise. After all, wasn’t there some blood, sweat, and tears involved??

    I loved Alice in Wonderland (the book). I was Alice one year for Halloween, and I also entered the Alice in Wonderland contest at Fairyland when I was little. I didn’t win.
    debby´s last blog post ..So How’s That Diet Going?

  2. Lynn

    LOVE the bathroom….but, where’s the dry erase? LOL
    Thanks for the Cup for a Joe site. I know a few people who would like to contribute there as well. That naan, though….total food porn 🙂 So glad February is over! Bike season is just around the corner!
    Lynn´s last blog post ..What To Do With Busy

  3. Shelley B

    You had a hugely productive month! Big success with your bathroom redo. Maybe you could frame a dry erase board… 😉

    Love the Cup of Joe idea – thanks for the idea!
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Friday Mishmash

  4. Sheryl

    Hi Lori,

    I am reading the archives of your blog and I am on one where you demonstrate the plank, at a time when you were recovering from a back injury. I have been struggling with my back pretty severely for the last two years, but have been feeling some better with some weight loss. Just wondering, how hard is the plank on a back that you need to baby? I want to be careful about triggering flare-ups. I also struggle from sciatica from a little different reasons than you did at that time. I know strengthening your core is important for lower back health.

    I really like your blog and have been reading it from the beginning. One of these days I will get current! You have encouraged me to get out there and ride my bike. I am just a beginner, but that is easier on my back and I likely will not ever be able to be a runner.

    Feel free to e-mail me at chandlers1960@gmail.com.


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