March Goals

Spring is coming. I keep telling myself that spring is coming!

I did a bit of plant shopping and ordered a rose for my new bed extension.  I was going to go with a different one, but after reading some reviews of its performance in real gardens, I set up my search again and came up with this one:


It’s called Enchanted Evening. I told John to be ready for lots of singing.  I used to play the soundtrack to South Pacific all the time and it doesn’t take much for me to break into song  😆  I purchased this from Jackson and Perkins this time (their photo). Its a floribunda and grows about 3 feet tall, so should be perfect.  Of course, this won’t arrive to me until May, but I can just keep looking at the picture.

New month, new goals.

March goals:

1.  Purge closet – Okay, that goal got moved over from February since I failed at that one.

2. Get my bike outside.  I am riding early this year.  I normally like to have 50 degree weather to be biking, but I miss outside biking so much that I am going to suck it up and do 40s.  I’ll just have to dress a bit warmer. John gave me a real side-eye when I said 40s, so it will likely be solo biking.  :mrgreen:

3. Moving in March.  Since I am done with the rehab, now I can move more exercise wise. I actually enjoyed being more physically active than usual with the rehab, so I want to keep that up, although not quite to the difficulty degree 😀  No more hibernating!

4. Planning meals.  We don’t plan meals too often. Sometimes we do, but most times we fix whatever we have in house. Planning will get me using more recipes (instead of just pinning them). Plus hopefully shopping more efficiently.

5. Grain-Free days.  A few days each week, I want to do grain free.  I actually like doing that and it keeps me motivated while I work on project Drop A Size in 2013. 😀

That is a nice set of goals.

Now from the files  of the laziest cat in the world: I was vacuuming and needed to get my foot pedal off the floor.  Pixie wouldn’t move, so I had to put it on her.


No response…

And on the quick Friday dinner front – more stir fry! This time I did a heap o’ broccoli, Kikkoman Triple Ginger sauce and jumbo shrimp (4 ounces).  I would have had some rice with it, but John got to the last of the rice before I did 😀



Stir fry – when it is okay for food to touch.

Here’s to a relaxing weekend for everyone!

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18 thoughts on “March Goals

  1. Tish

    Loved the roses and John’s “real side-eye!” I’m with you on chomping at the bit to get outside biking again. I don’t enjoy riding on the trainer nearly as much as outside. BTW, loved your bathroom renovation. You rock!

  2. Kim

    I’m sure John will enjoy your South Pacific serenade as long as you don’t sing, “I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair.” Can’t wait for the outdoor biking season. I’m hoping to do a group ride on March 17th, but I’m sticking with my 50 degree threshold.

  3. Shelley B

    Pretty rose – something to look forward to!

    Do they make windproof bike gear? Of course, you’ll need a face mask…hmmm, what about the “robber’s mask” beanie that covers your face? 😉
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Friday Mishmash

    1. Lori Post author

      They do make windproof gear, but I don’t really ride in the wind. That’s my least favorite riding weather. I have ridden in the 30s without covering my face. It’s more my hands that get cold than anything else – even with gloves.

    1. Lori Post author

      Okay, so your middle name is Rose or Enchanted?

      It probably will bloom this year. I normally buy bareroot roses and they will bloom the first year. This one is supposed to come in a pot, so it might be smaller and might only have a small flush of blooms. I haven’t bought from J&P online before (although I have one of their roses I bought locally).

  4. Fran

    Beautiful rose Lori, love the color.

    I always plan my meals, been doing that for almost 20 years now, mostly because it’s time saving during the week when you know what to make. I don’t use my cook books at the moment, mostly WW recipes but the books will come back soon.

    Love all your goals for the month.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Sunday March 3, 2013: First 5K of the year -> done!

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