The salmon patty that wasn’t

Grain free day today.  It was going along swimmingly.  Banana pudding for breakfast:



Greek yogurt for lunch with apple topping and flax meal.


Da latte and dried pineapple.


Extra snack of cashews, presented by Pixie.



Then along came dinner.  In our meal planning we did on Sunday, we had 3 meals chosen.  One of them was salmon patties.  Long time readers know how I struggle with the fish.  Fresh salmon has been okay, but John wanted a change.  This recipe called for canned salmon.  This was a big step for me. Canned tuna went off the menu after I got a scale in my mouth and that was probably a year ago since I last ate tuna? Anyhoo, this was a grain-free salmon patty that just called for 3 ingredients:  unsweetened coconut, egg and a can of salmon.


Easy enough, right?  I was just going to do a half batch. I actually was looking forward to trying these with a little triple ginger sauce to dip in.

Well, I opened up the salmon can and I see this:

salmon bones

Effing spinal vertebrae!!  EWWWWWW!!! They were  all attached  in a little line, too, which made it somehow worse.

I know some people eat the bones. I just couldn’t do it.  Not gonna happen. I don’t even want to pick these out.  I covered the can and put it in the fridge.  I guess Pixie will get a nice treat for meals this week.  That put me off any canned fish probably forever.

So, it was to plan B, which is always an omelet.  Overloaded on broccoli, but whose counting, right?


Much better.  No bones.

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24 thoughts on “The salmon patty that wasn’t

  1. Sharon

    I actually like salmon (even canned salmon), but that was pretty gross. I may try the recipe though. And I’ve been meaning to tell you that if you can eat that ONE slice of dried pineapple, you are much better than me. That stuff is like crack and one would just make me want four more.
    Sharon´s last blog post ..Weight Loss Wednesday: You’re My Inspiration

    1. Lori Post author

      I love the pineapple, but 2 rings are my max. That is one reason why I keep this around is because I don’t binge on it. Unlike, say, granola.

  2. debby

    LOL at Sharon ‘s comment about the pineapple. Its pretty cracky to me too.

    Ewwwww on the wrong body parts in the can. Thats just disgusting looking.

    Love the broccoli overload. One of my favorite things to do.
    debby´s last blog post ..This ‘n’ That

    1. Mrs. Swan

      Yes- it is completely normal to have spine and bone in canned salmon. They are so cooked they crumble in your mouth. That said I always pick out the bug chunks of bone.
      Mrs. Swan´s last blog post ..Over 11K steps

  3. Satu

    Eek! I’m sure the fish skeleton is very nutritious though. The omelette looks delicious!

    Pixie looks very Zen re being a snack dispenser. 🙂

  4. Libby

    I have never had canned salmon. I do eat canned tuna but if I open the can and see anything questionable, I feed it to the dog and find something else! Gross! I LOVE dried pineapple and it makes me jealous to see yours with your pretty coffee:) That broccoli looks delicious too!

  5. Kim

    Haaaa, I used to always remove those little bones from the salmon, but my sister told me how good they were for me. Now I just blend them up with the Old Bay, eggs, and bread crumbs to make my salmon patties. They do look totally disgusting, but blended in you do not taste them. Don’t be too proud of me (or grossed out), there are still plenty of healthy foods that I just can’t handle.

    1. Lori Post author

      John will eat this salmon. Maybe if he picks out all the bones and makes the patties, I might try them LOL! I am a 5 year old.

  6. Chris

    I just had some canned salmon yesterday. It took me only a few seconds to pick the bones out. They are usually in a line.

    1. Lori Post author

      I have a hard enough time eating fish as it is. Funny, I don’t mind fresh cooked fish on the bone – but bones in the can? Yuck.

  7. Flo

    Lori, next trip to Trader Joe’s pick up some of their canned salmon. No bones or skin in it at all. It’s yummy!

  8. Kaki

    Fish and seafood is my favorite form of protein. I’m very inspired by your food adventures and it makes me want to cast my menu net wider. I’m sometimes discouraged by my kids reaction to my new creations, but I have to remember that I’m teaching them good lessons about nutrition. Obstinate little farts.
    Kaki´s last blog post ..Feeling older than my 42 years

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