Wearin’ of the Green

Happy St Paddy’s Day!  We love this day in our family.  Irish roots and all that.   I even did up my nails!



Of course, my wedding band has the celtic knots on it.  (Art Mart in Colorado – if anyone lives there.)

The weekend was too cold for biking.  Boo!  Sunday was sunny, but windy and 32 degrees.  Too cold even for me.  And now more snow is on the way.  🙄

That meant a bit of bargain shopping.  I am supposed to be clearing out my closet and I am buying things.  Last shopping before we buy a car.  Get yourselves to JC Penneys people.  The clearance racks are amazing!  Between 2 trips to Penney’s this month, I ended up with 5 tops for $25!

Let’s try a dressing room pose:


This top is fun and different than I usually get ($7!!).  I like how it flatters my shape, although I wish the sleeves were a tad longer.  But for $7, I can’t complain very much. I never know where to look when taking a picture in the mirror – or where to put the camera.

My folks came over for an informal St. Patrick’s dinner. We attempted Boxtys from this recipe, which are basically potato pancakes that use both mashed and raw potatoes in them.  They were a bit tricky and didn’t quite come out, but luckily I had extra mashed potatoes to serve on the side!  I called it a Boxty Fail 😀


Served with a chicken and bacon topping.  We left out the mushrooms (Ick!!). Plus sauteed cabbage with a few dried cranberries thrown in.


John made up an Apple Betty (Apple John??) for dessert.


This was a tasty meal.  I allow myself more calories on the weekend, even when working on a smaller jeans size, but not going overboard.   I had a few extra bites of the betty, too.  Had to even out the edges in the pan, know what I mean?

My mother had these glasses – just to see the world a little greener:



My mother offered to take my picture, but I said I would take it because people seemed to have trouble getting a good picture with my camera – and then I end up making it blurry.  Karma…

Hope you had a great weekend!


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16 thoughts on “Wearin’ of the Green

  1. debby

    You look GOOD in that outfit! And the apple betty looks amazing. I have a ‘spud’ from See’s. They have to be my all time favorite candy. Well, this year they are. Anyway, I am saving it for the premier episode of DWTS! But I sure want to eat it today!
    debby´s last blog post ..What I Ate

    1. Lori Post author

      Thank you Debby.

      I had to google the spud. I thought it was potato candy, but it sure does sound good!

  2. the chip monk

    Hi Lori – long time reader, first time poster. 🙂 I just wanted to stop by and tell you how really wonderful you are looking. You should tell yourself that you’re beautiful every day – you might even start to believe it!
    the chip monk´s last blog post ..greek-style ragu

  3. Ali @ Peaches and Football

    I love finding good deals on clothes!

    I didn’t remember it was St Pat’s day but Ben’s dad called us at 8AM telling us he was at the bar. Ha Ha. I think it’s a tradition for him. We passed but it sounded like he was having a good time. 🙂
    Ali @ Peaches and Football´s last blog post ..Changing of the season

  4. Lynn

    Wait….”mushrooms (Ick!!)”??? I guess we can still be friends 🙂

    Love the shirt! Why do you want the sleeves longer? You rock the arms, Lori!

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day a day late from your Norwegian friend who loves potatoes (and mushrooms!)

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