Vroom, Vroom

Jeez yesterday was so busy.  Working, tutoring and then picking up our new car!!

We had a very good experience at the Toyota dealer with Paul (our sales person). He did not pressure us at all.  The only problem we had was the finance person trying to push the extended warranty.  Ugh.  Other than that, very smooth transaction and after going over the dashboard electronics of the car (OMG – so much to learn!!) we headed home and then drove for some coffee so that each of us could drive it 😀

Here is our new Prius!


Side view:



It’s actually quite roomy inside, which is nice.


And CLEAN!!!!

It’s weird to look through the steering wheel and see nothing:


All the things to look at are up further.


There is a lot of stuff to look at, too.  Technology sure has come a long way since we bought the Saturn in 2000.  Eep!  It’s sensory overload.

Then there are the other controls.  Or Command Central as I am coming to think of it.


And note the power button.  This turns the car on and off.  No key!  That freaks me out a little bit.

It still feels like we are driving someone else’s car.  I want to find excuses to drive. Since we both work at home, we don’t actually need to go anywhere and the car won’t be driven again until tomorrow!  It’s hard not to just get in and go 😀

However, today was just nice enough to get a little bike ride in, so I did that instead 😀


44 degrees, sunny and very little wind.  I can handle that.  We did just about 8 miles.  Yay!


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20 thoughts on “Vroom, Vroom

  1. Cheryl

    Sharp looking car and I know you will enjoy it. I was totally pleased with my Toyota dealer, too. So different from all my other car purchases which were all from the (now extinct) Mercury dealership. My salesman spent about an hour at delivery going over all the features of my Camry and it was really helpful. In this last year I have received a Christmas card and birthday card from the salesman and they had a monthly free Clinic for new car owners to attend to learn all the service features they offer. Enjoy the car and the great mileage you will get. Congratulations
    Cheryl´s last blog post ..End of a Kolberg Generation

    1. Lori Post author

      The fun part about getting a brand new car is that we could pick the color of the outside and the inside. I love the blue as well, although I sort of wish the habenero color came in this model 😀

    1. Lori Post author

      Yep, snow and all. At least the roads are dry – doesn’t matter to me if snow is on the ground. It just feels funny to bike and see snow.

  2. debby

    How exciting! Your car looks space age, like the Jetsons should be driving it! I’m hoping my 2003 will give me at least 3 more good years. And then I’ll be ready for my own space age car!
    debby´s last blog post ..Weekend Fun

    1. Lori Post author

      Yes – I constantly reference sieve and my nose in the same sentence after riding in the cold. And it lasts for a while once I am inside, too.

  3. Sharon

    My RAV4 celebrates its first birthday this week and I love it more every time I drive it. So I’m certain cars bought during the last week of March are meant to be perfect. I really like your Prius and it told my RAV4 via their synced (is that a word??) technology that it would really like to come to Tennessee so they could meet up!
    Sharon´s last blog post ..Wacky Wednesday Weather

  4. Kaki

    Someday, when I get to get rid of my mini-van, I would love to get a Prius or maybe even an all-electric. The mini-van seemed like a good idea when my kids were 7 and 4…Now my oldest is 15, a few months from getting his own drivers’ license, and he is embarrassed by it! I seriously thought about making him drive the mini-van and getting myself a new car. Then, I decided that there was way too much room in a mini-van to have sex 🙂
    Kaki´s last blog post ..It’s all good…

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