What’s Blooming

For real!  A what’s blooming post!  It finally feels like spring around here.  Finally.  The garden is changing every day now.  I note from last year that we are about 2 weeks behind.

I can’t remember what kind of tulips these are.  Early species – I think?


The close up at night and open in the sun.


Hyacinths!  These are new this year.  There are 3 colors coming up, but only 2 are open right now.  The purple:


and the pink:


Lots of buds on the tulips, too.  My garden club comes over next Friday and I will have blooms for them!  Yay!  I am doing the tippy pot demo and I can only show the structure because it is too early for any plants to be available to actually put in the pots (other than pansies).  At least there will be some color.

This guy will probably be blooming:


This is the fritillaria.  I really like these, but they are expensive and just not hardy at all.  3 bulbs planted last year and 1 came up.  So, I replaced the 2 that didn’t come up and only 1 came up this year.  Lame!

I can’t wait to see the flowers open.   I shall show you my inner geek here.  I have a map for my garden. It’s done to scale, too.  😳



You can see the line where the old bed border was and the new front curve I put in last fall.  I just never bothered to erase the old line LOL!

Of course, I made notes to myself about where to put the new bulbs last fall.



I am really not sure why I thought I would be able to decipher this come spring…

At least it’s fun guessing.  I know what I bought – I just don’t remember where they went!

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11 thoughts on “What’s Blooming

  1. debby

    This is actually a really good idea. I would like to figure out how to have plants that will be blooming at different times of the year in close to the same spot, if that is possible. I’ve made charts of my garden before, but not to scale! Also, one time I went out every hour or so during the day to keep track of how much sunlight various areas got. I need to do that again. With all the trees gone, there are areas that used to be shade that are now afternoon sun! Its hard to adjust my thinking as to what kinds of plants belong there now.

    I’m so happy you are getting your bloom fix now!
    debby´s last blog post ..Hope in Uncertain Times

  2. Cheryl

    You should get those stakes that have a spot on them to write in the name of the flower; I had a neighbor who had those and it looked so nice. One of the downsides of condo living is that there is no planting outside and I miss that. When I had my house I had probably 500 bulbs planted over the years and the people who bought my home 4 years ago really got a “bonus”. I drive by sometimes and see all the flowers blooming.
    Cheryl´s last blog post ..A Better Day

  3. Kaki

    Your bulbs are beautiful! I love, love, love tulips, but I am too lazy to plant them and dig them up each year. I did it for a year or two before I had kids. After kids, I just couldn’t do it! Brilliant idea to draw your garden to scale…This would be good for me because when I’m buying plants, I’m always convinced I have room for a few more, and a few more, and a few more… If I had a drawing, I would see exactly how much room I have. Of course, then I probably wouldn’t come home with so many plants! 🙂
    Kaki´s last blog post ..Nutty in a good way

  4. Andra

    So pretty! Usually Tally is dragging me up people’s driveways when they are out gardening, but it was I who was dragging Tally. I saw some gorgeous flowers and just had to know what they are…SNAPDRAGONS! They were a gorgeous shade of butter yellow but I will definitely be investigating the pink shades. Of course. 😉

  5. Jody - Fit at 55

    Beautiful!!!!! I am so NOT a green thumb so… 🙂

    I forgot to mention a few posts back, Roz had the most amazing pick of tulips & she did not know what they were & asked you in her post – did you see it? They were so amazing!!!!

    Also, Tami from Nutmeg Notebook had a pic of a tulip tree!!! I never have heard of that or seen it! Amazing!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend & hoping for good bike rides for you!
    Jody – Fit at 55´s last blog post ..Baked Protein Banana Bread Oatmeal for One: Happy Bday Time

  6. Fran

    Cool, the blooming post is back.

    The gardener said Friday nature is even a month behind here due to the long winter. But we finally can enjoy the flowers again, both of us.

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