What’s Blooming!

Friday – yay!  What a nice day as well.  I made an executive decision to work a half day day and put in a half day on Saturday so I could enjoy some good weather since Saturday is supposed to be rainy.  As stressful as my job can get at times- you can’t beat being able to make decisions like that.

Here is a quick shot of breakfast because it was so tasty!


Coconut flour waffles with apple/cranberry topping.  Who needs to go out for breakfast?  Okay, I like to go out for breakfast sometimes

Now right to the flowers:

The garden has loved all of this warm weather.  Cool front on the way, but things soaked up the sun!

New items this week:

One lonely little Princess Irene.  The only one that came back this year.


Golden Parade:

golden parade


Purple passion:

purple passion

Kings blood.  These are really tall, too. they come up over my knees.

kings blood

This is a fringed tulip called Aleppo.   First time I have ever planted a fringe.


Pretty neat! Kind of reminds me of a venus flytrap


A few of the shirley tulips came back.  These are the ones that start white and fade to purple.  This is the same plant a few days apart.



I do love that one.

All the late tulips are blooming now including the queen of the night and maureen.

queen of the night

I like the tuxedo look of these black and whites together.



The yellow monte carlo tulips are on their last legs, but still going strong.



I can’t believe these are tulips!  I lucked out with the combo of the Christmas marvel and these together.  They bloomed at the same time and lasted together.



I spy empty space there, too, in the back.  Time to go plant shopping!  My red hot pokers didn’t come back after I transplanted them there.

My alliums are starting to open.  I hope these don’t bloom and die next week while we are not here to see them.  Doesn’t it look like some alien eye?


Bleeding hearts are starting to unfurl:

bleeding heart


And lilacs!  I brought these into the house.  These are actually from the neighbor’s bush.



Lot’s and lots of flowers now!



Not much biking on tap this weekend as it is supposed to be rainy tomorrow, but maybe I can squeak a short ride in before it rains.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

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11 thoughts on “What’s Blooming!

  1. Carol

    Am a new blog reader – think I saw a link for healthy recipes. The coconut flour pancakes look wonderful—I don’t find a recipe on the blog, tho I did find the apple topping which looks amazing. Please direct me to the pancake recipe. And those tulips are fantastic!

      1. Carol

        Thanks! I have never used coconut flour but will look for some and try it. And in reading the post with the recipe, you say they are more soft than crispy which is how I like my waffles (actually prefer pancakes.)

  2. Sharon

    Ah yes, the joys of self-employment. Able to make executive decisions including setting your own hours AND your own dress code!! LOL! Love reliving tulip season all over again through you. Funny your remark about having breakfast in vs eating out. Now that Bill and I have finally met up again on Long Island, I told him last night I was most looking forward to his cooking breakfast after a week of “fancy” breakfasts. Eggs, turkey bacon, whole toast. Simple, DELICIOUS! Of course there was also the pouty, injured male ego who decided the only thing I missed was his cooking. LOL!
    Sharon´s last blog post ..A Few Days In The District!

  3. Fran

    Who needs to go to the “Keukenhof” here in Holland when I have your flowers to look at every week. Since tulips are such a typical Dutch product, I love to see that you have some with typical Dutch references (Princess Irene really exists) in your garden. They look lovely Lori.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Saturday May 11, 2013: Beautiful day for a walk

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