Good old routine

With all the devastation in OK, I thought I would share this video if you haven’t seen it yet.  The best part is the end.

I am happy for them.  It gives you hope.

Thanks for going along on my vacation with me!  I know there are a lot of new people (hi new people!) from the Half-Size Me podcast and I promise you my life isn’t as exciting as it has been this past week 😀

I forgot to talk about the Prius and the trip.  We have had the Prius for about 2 months now.  This was my first chance to do a lot of driving with it and we loved it!  Not to mention that we drove 750 miles and averaged 60.2 miles per gallon.  60.2!!!  That is amazing and saved us a lot of money.

Talking about another number, I had my post vacation weight check and I was up 2.5 pounds from vacation.  Not too bad, really, considering I ate a lot more gluten and bready type items than normal.  All the walking and biking saved me from more.  Of course, what took a week to put on will take a month to come off, but c’est la vie!

Back to regularly scheduled eats.  This was actually yesterday.  I’ll just do a quick compilation of eats!

There was some chocolate in there at the end of the day, too.

It’s actually been a really busy return to work and life here.  Work exploded while I was gone, so that wasn’t fun to come back to.  Plus I had requests for more soap – emergency style.   Always happens during vacations.



Pixie was happy to have us home.   She’s been bugging at the bedroom door in the morning, though.  I think she is maybe afraid we left again.  Or she is just hungry (probably that).


I love vacation and traveling, but it sure does feel good to get back to routine and my regular eats.


I am off to visit Mr. Boo tonight!  My folks are away this evening and I get to check on him and give him some grub.

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16 thoughts on “Good old routine

  1. debby

    I LOVED that doggie video.

    I’m like you. I love the traveling and indulging in different foods, but I love more coming back to my routine and regular eats.

    Pixie looks extremely satisfied. “Finally, they have come to their senses and returned to my kingdom.”

    I gained a little more than you on my vacay, and I exercised a LOT less than you. What was that you said about that? C’est la vie!!
    debby´s last blog post ..Weekend Doings!

  2. deb

    Aaaww.. thanks so much for that video Lori. I’m going to show it to hubby. You did great on vacation Lori! You kept active and was still able to enjoy what you ate.

    Hubs tells me if i manage to get out the front door without telling Jinx…(for a walk or whatever) when Jinx does realize i’m gone he runs around the house meowing till i come home…I guess with me being ‘retired ‘ now he’s pretty used to having me around all day. LOL! Hugs! deb
    deb´s last blog post ..Feathers…………

  3. Elizabeth

    Your kitty is adorable! The food looks yummy. 2.5 isn’t too bad of a gain for having been on a trip. I went to Disney in 2011 and gained 10 pounds in one week. I almost had a heart attack when I stepped on the scale.

  4. Lynn


    I enjoyed going on vacation with you and your hubby (felt like it anyway) Your so fortunate, my husband passed away 12 years ago and these were the kind of vacations we loved to go on. We wouldn’t have anything mapped out we just drove and stopped at places that looked interesting like you both did. That is so much fun. My husband and I biked together too.

    I had already seen the video you posted, I am so happy for that poor lady that she found her fur baby, the pup didn’t act worse for wear after what he had been through.

    Liked the comment about the doughnut, gave me a chuckle. Oh and Pixie is such a pretty little girl, she has a wonderful home.

    I am enjoying your blog.

  5. Shelley B

    I saw that video on FB and not gonna lie, tears rolled down my face. So happy for that lady.

    What incredible gas mileage – I’m stunned and jealous! Had no idea the Prius’ were THAT good!

    It’s good to go on vacation, but nice to get back to routine. And I’m sure Pixie was missing you something fierce!
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Wednesday Workout Update?

  6. Fran

    Oh my goodness that video, so happy for the lady.

    I’m like you, vacation is great but I’m always happy to be home again too and get back in routine. And I think Pixie missed you and indeed was afraid you would go away again.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Monday May 20, 2013: Reunion

  7. Satu

    That was a happy video! Thank you for sharing it.

    I’ve gotten lots of ideas for places to visit for my future American road trip! Love the New Hampshire and the lighthouse.

    Loved the Pixie photo too. Don’t forget to take your camera along when you go see Mr. Casper Boo. 🙂
    Satu´s last blog post ..45 years and 7 quirky things

  8. Roz@weightingfor50

    They were showing the video on the news here the other night. I teared up! So glad you had a great time Lori, I loved following along on your travels via your posts and photos. I’m sure Pixie is SOOO happy to have you home! Yay to visiting Mr. Boo.

  9. Biz

    Hey Lori! Just catching up on your blog and am loving all the vacation pics – who knew that you were only 5 hours away from Maine!

    I agree, while it is nice to go on vacation, its nice to get back into a routine – I see a meat detox next week after eating a lot of it in Texas this week!
    Biz´s last blog post ..Lake Travis

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