Indian food eats!

Just a couple pics of my birthday feast!  I worked in the afternoon.  I had done extra work over the weekend so I could take the morning off to do my ride.  My work has been stressful as of late, but times like this I do so appreciate the flexibility of my job.

I worked up quite an appetite with a 45 mile ride and was ready to eat.  Actually, I didn’t feel that hungry before getting there, but that is typical after a longer ride. Once I start to eat – then my appetite roars to life again.

Here I am all neat and tidy!


We went to Little India in Saratoga. It’s a good thing this place isn’t closer to home because I would be eating here all the time.  I lurve Indian food!  I didn’t try it until 7 or 8 years ago and I had absolutely no idea what I was missing.  It’s definitely my favorite cuisine.

We each started with a cup of chai.  Mine was unsweetened.


Then the eats!


We had peshwari naan, which had raisins, coconut and chopped pistachios in it.  So, so good.


John and shrimp curry and I had the vegetable kofta.


These are dumpling made up of finely chopped veggies and nuts, I think.  They are light and fluffy.  It’s really the sauce though. I could just spoon this on anything and eat it.  I have to try to make this at home.

Then we stopped by Bettie’s for a selection of cupcakes to bring home.  We had some family over for cuppies and coffee.


Mine was the lavender cupcake bottom left!

A couple gifts I received –  a cover for my Kindle!


I had been carrying the Kindle around in the box it came in for protection since I got it last year.



Plus I got this book, which I have been coveting on since Cammy talked about it.


Squee!!!  Now to modify for home.


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22 thoughts on “Indian food eats!

  1. Joanne

    Nice picture for your 45th birthday! I’ve never had Indian food. How do you know what to order?

    1. Lori Post author

      I should do a post on Indian food. Starting with a buffet is good so you can sample different things.

  2. Kaki

    Belated Happy Birthday! Looks like a great celebration and great ride to go along with it.

    I love my kindle! My husband got me the new Kindle Fire, and it is heavy and bulky. I don’t want to tell him I like my old black and white one better 🙂
    Kaki´s last blog post ..Self-gnawing

  3. debby

    I think I had Indian food once and didn’t like it, so never tried it again. I wonder if that spinach bread I got is similar?

    It looks to me like a very perfect birthday day! From the ride to the cupcakes (that’s the trouble with cupcakes. I would want a bite of each one. Do you think the other guests would mind?).

    And you look beautiful and so young as well.
    debby´s last blog post ..AIM: Road Maintenance

    1. Lori Post author

      I bet you would like Indian food. It has such a wide variety of tastes that there is bound to be something you would enjoy.

      The thing with cupcakes is that they aren’t like taking a bite underneath like in a box of chocolate. The frosting is the best part and someone would see that tasting 😀

  4. Tami @Nutmeg Notebook

    Happy Belated Birthday Lori. You look beautiful and youthful. I too love Indian food and only discovered it a few years ago as well. I do try to make it at home so I can control the amount of oil and use light coconut milk. Once in a while we still go out for Indian food. The flavors just blow me away.

    I like that iPad cover – I need one of those. The cupcakes are great idea – not a lot of leftovers to tempt you the next day.

    Wishing you a year filled with joy, happiness and lots of bike rides.
    Tami @Nutmeg Notebook´s last blog post ..Thai Slaw

  5. Lynn

    Happy Birthday Lori!!! I have never had Indian food (except naan bread) but that looked so good. You look so happy and healthy, you have alot to celebrate.

  6. Sharon

    Ironically, the only cuisine I don’t like is Indian. But I’ve always considered trying it again wondering if I just had a bad experience, chose the wrong menu item or perhaps, the place I went wasn’t doing a good job in the preparation. One of these days I may try again when in a place more known for “different” types of foods i.e. NYC or Atlanta. Knoxville is certainly improving, but will likely never be known as a hotspot for creative cuisine.
    Sharon´s last blog post ..There’s Some Work To Be Done!

  7. Roz@weightingfor50

    Oh, I’m so drooling over your Indian dinner! YAY for the gifts, the great hair day (seriously, your hair looks so nice), the birthday celebration and cheers to you!! Have a wonderful day Lori!
    Roz@weightingfor50´s last blog post ..Dinner outside

  8. Satu

    Congrats again, Lori! That book is on my Amazon Wish list too. Can’t get it for a while though because I have barely started reading the Strong Curves book I got last month.

    My Kindle broke not so long ago which I could’ve probably avoided if I had had a proper cover for it. What is even worse – Amazon doesn’t seem to ship the Kindle covers to Finland although they do ship the Kindles!! 🙁

    I love Indian food too, and chai latte especially!
    Satu´s last blog post ..Perfect Weekend

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