Weekend doings

Another weekend come and gone.  Ahhhh!  Did a lot of biking, family time, eating, and checking things off the to-do list.

Biked a lot on Saturday.  Obligatory bike shot!


No real destination riding this weekend per se, just racking up loop miles around home.   I did an early ride in morning for about 12 miles thinking that there wouldn’t be much traffic.  There wasn’t, but the ones out were crazy!  I almost got hit by a car.  The closest in a couple of years.  The worst part was as I was yelling into the driver side window (because that was how close I was to being hit by a stop sign runner) – the driver just lifted their hand like “Whatever” and kept on driving.  I was shaking like crazy, partly from adrenaline and partly from anger.   It’s pretty rare to have such a close call, but it really only takes one to go horribly wrong.

Here are just shots of the randomness of the weekend.  This is an old factory that is being torn down along the bike path and there is one wall left.  Wrecking ball hit this, obviously.


Nice path riding – away from cars!!.


This is actually right next to that old factory.  Doesn’t seem super safe to me, but I assume they know what they are doing.

This weekend was also the LARAC arts festival and we had a meetup there.  Sis, mom, and 1 niece.  Girl Power!! I biked there and met them.


I really like this festival.  It’s juried and there is a lot of fine art, which puts most of it out of my budget, but I still like to look.  No pictures as most artists frown on people taking photos of their work.

Lots of people.  Have I ever mentioned my dislike of crowds???  😉

I did have an apple turnover, though.  Yum!


I ended up with 35 miles on the day of miscellaneous riding.

I got home and went to say hi to Pixie (cause she was sleeping all day).  Look at this lazy, lazy girl.


I even captured the yawn.  I love my Pixie!!  😀

Sunday morning was a very quiet early morning.  John was out of town and my breakfast time is too early for my folks as I offered a Father’s Day breakfast.  I did my ride early and got in 26 miles (61 for the weekend – woot!! )

Brought my kindle and relaxed for brekkie:


Book I am reading is Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us
by Michael Moss  – Uber eye opening, let me tell you.

Of course, reading that didn’t stop me from taking my folks out for ice cream later 😀

I also had time to work on a project I have been thinking about for a bit.  John had removed a couple drawers from an old cabinet in the shop and was going to throw them out, but then I thought I could repurpose them into something.  I finally got around to scrubbing them clean and ready to do something with.


Can you see these as shadow boxes hanging on the wall?  I can! I have a few ideas.  The question is, to paint or not.  We don’t really do rustic, but these look fun.  I will either stain or paint (most likely paint).

So not ready for Monday!  When’s the next Powerball?


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18 thoughts on “Weekend doings

  1. debby

    So scary about the crazy drivers! You’re not motivating me to ride my bike!!

    The apple turnover looks so yummy–like more apple than turnover! I enjoy nice art shows too. And I’m just like you–only looking, no buying. Except the food…

    That book sounds a lot like the information in The End of Overeating. I ordered the kindle sample. That’ll be enough reading for me! I’m a lazy reader.

    Pixie is a cat who truly enjoys her pampered life.
    debby´s last blog post ..Garden Doings

    1. Lori Post author

      I read the end of overeating as well. This book is a good addition to that and really comes from the cereal makers view and the beverage industry so far. I am just on the sugar part LOL!

  2. Shelley B

    Oh man, that is frightening about the close call – I hate that jerks like that can ruin a good ride (or run). Glad you’re OK.

    Love the picture of the building with the wrecking ball hit. Very cool!

    1. Lori Post author

      Yeah, I am fairly used to it, but this person was totally in the wrong and probably goes through that stop sign all the time. It’s a quiet neighborhood section without a lot of traffic and I think people get too used to that. If I had been a little kid, it would have been a bad ending.

  3. Fran

    Great weekend Lori, the festival looks like a lot of fun.

    Stupid guy that almost hit you. I know your feeling. I have this cross over close to home and they have to stop for me. I can’t tell you how often they don’t stop. I never cross over without stopping.

    About the cupcake on my walk yesterday. I actually thought about that when I was home. Since I have plans to do walks like these twice a month, starting next month, I would like to have a tradition like you on your bike rides because I like the idea very much as you know.
    I don’t like ice cream and cupcakes are hard to get here so I am thinking about having pastry with my coffee during or after the walk 🙂
    Fran´s last blog post ..Sunday June 16, 2013: Weide Natuurwandeling Vinkeveen

  4. Jody - Fit at 55

    YIKES on the close call!! I have had that running too & I run on the sidewalk.. it is when I cross a street & people are speeding & wanting to go thru stop signs! EARLY too! Well, glad you got your rides in tough & girl power!!!

    My weekend was fun but so busy that I feel like Pixie!!! 🙂

  5. deb

    I can totally see those drawers as shadow boxes…… 🙂 Maybe one of those glass door knobs for the top instead of those door handles….Love to see what you come up with…..

    Crazy drivers……..
    Hugs! deb
    deb´s last blog post ..Not Exactly…………..

  6. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    I picked up that book at the library last week! And then I put it down. I’ve read similar info, which is why I *mostly* stay out of the boxes and bags aisles. Unless there’s something I want. 🙂

    Looks like you had a great weekend!

  7. Tami @Nutmeg Notebook

    Bummer about that close call on your bike! I hate riding on roads with cars but to get to some bike routes we have to do that. I only got in a 16 mile bike ride but a good portion of it was a hill with a 6% grade, I still can’t peddle to the top of that thing! I had to walk the last little bit but each time I try I get further up before I have to walk.

    I have see a few shows about the same topic as that book you are reading and also have read The End Of Overeating which also exposes what the food companies have been doing for years to make their products addictive. It really has changed how I eat.
    Tami @Nutmeg Notebook´s last blog post ..Fill Me Up Not Out / Hiking Adventures

  8. Linda

    Yesterday as I was headed down Notre Dame street a car stopped looked up the road saw me approaching pulled across to turn around in someones driveway I had to get off sidewalk onto road then just as I was about to pass he tries to back up…hello first you pull onto sidewalk then back up as I try to go around. Glad we both (you and I) were aware of our surroundings. Be safe out there

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