What’s Blooming!

I am on my way to Becoming an Outdoors Woman!  However, couldn’t leave you without showing the blooms 😀

It’s officially summer, so I changed out my my flag:



Not too many butterflies yet, mostly the little white and yellow sulfurs. Once my cone flowers and butterfly bush are blooming, I hope to get many, many butterflies like I had last year.

I planted a new rose bush in the extended bed, which you can barely see because it is so small:


This will get much bigger in the next year or two.  It is blooming, though!


Isn’t that a gorgeous color?

Time to cut the alliums down. I left them up because they were interesting, but I will cut them down when I get back. They are starting to really turn brown.



A couple of the old-fashioned daylilies are open.



The hot papaya echinacea is ruffing out more (for lack of a better word).


It has more blooms, too!



One thing I love about the echinacea is the long bloom time.

Progress on the walkway.  We bought a sledgehammer to get the last broken block up.


John carted all the pieces to the the side of the house, put a picture of them on craigslist offering them for free – and someone came and took them all!   It was hundreds of pounds of concrete, too. That saved us dump fees for that, plus helped the environment!  Hopefully he will be able to get some new cement down if this rain would ever quit.

Liatris is getting close to blooming.  I love all stages of this plant. It looks cool  all throughout the growing season.



One last look at the astilbes.  Here is the shade garden from the side.  There are 2 new rows behind the white ones that I showed last week. You can see how much catching up they have to do 😀



Not sure who the brilliant person is who put the metal sundial in the shade garden, though.   🙄

Porch view:



Have a great weekend everyone!  I will be trying to stay dry with my outdoor activities.  BOW is still fun, rain or shine!


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10 thoughts on “What’s Blooming!

  1. Biz

    Hasn’t this rain been crazy??!! We have something called freecycle.org – everything you put on there is free. I’ve gotten rid of an 8 person hot tub that didn’t work, a cast iron wooden stove that was in pieces and old kitchen cabinets – love re purposing stuff!

    Have a great weekend Lori!
    Biz´s last blog post ..Flashback Friday

  2. Sharon

    All those snowy pictures from a few month ago seem a very distant memory. Your yard and garden look beautiful. Have a great time this weekend – can’t wait to hear all about it.
    Sharon´s last blog post ..Weighty Matters

  3. Kaki Bennett

    Beautiful garden, as usual. It’s so fun to see it grow and change during the season. I love the color of your new rose bush!

    I haven’t read any of your recent books, although the Hangman’s Tale has been on my “intending to” list for some time.
    Kaki Bennett´s last blog post ..Accountability

  4. debby

    I’m so jealous of your astilbes. I planted mine in the ground in the exact same place that it had done well in the year before (in a pot) and it just fried. There’s way more sun there than last year. So today I finally dug it up and re-planted the poor thing in the shade garden. I’m running out of room in my shade garden! Who would have guessed that I would ever say that, after years of having ONLY a shade garden.

    Anyway, enough about me. I love these posts. I am getting ideas for my garden all the time. And I hope you have a super time with your sister this weekend!
    debby´s last blog post ..Garden Report

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