Becoming an outdoors woman!

My third year at BOW.  Was so thinking it was going to be a soggy, soggy weekend, but not at all!

Friday we arrived and it was cloudy, but that all cleared up after lunch for our first class.



This year I took Wilderness First Aid, Basic Map and Compass, Crossbow and Knots.

Wilderness first aid was very interesting.


It’s way different than usual CPR aid because it’s mostly just stabilizing someone and getting them out to a hospital. Also, there are a lot of things you *can’t* do, like give someone medication (even Tylenol) or you can’t do anything for them unless they give you permission. You can get their meds from a backpack or something for them, but you can’t tell them to take it.  This is a non certified course. Apparently you can get actually certified for wilderness first aid, just like CPR.

We learned how to bandage and do a sling and swathe.  Also ways to make splints from what you have on hand.  Here is a duct tape and twig splint:


Duct tape – never leave home without it!

They said the best thing you can do is think outside the box to use whatever you have to make splints, dressings, waterproof items, etc.

We talked about building a small first aid kit to take based on what you will be doing, whether running, hiking, biking, skiing, etc.

My sister taught her class on deer hunting and I met up with her before dinner.  You can always tell where her class is.



She uses fake blood to make a blood trail to teach people how to look for one to find your deer.

Lovely evening walk shots:



Saturday was map and compass.  I had absolutely no clue about what to do with a compass other than to find north, which I am not even doing in this picture…



Now I get it! We learned how to translate from a map to a compass and how to translate from a visual point to the compass onto a map.  We also learned how to correct for magnetic versus true north (very important or you end up off course).

While we were outside practicing finding points with the compass, the Hague Half Ironman started coming through (marathon part).



We cheered and clapped for anyone that ran by – and most of them seemed to love it 😀

Now I feel like I actually get use a compass and function with it.  And I can read a map better as well.  I know how to read a map, but we went over all the features of topographical maps, which is obviously a lot different than road maps. Now I can figure out if terrain ahead is going uphill or down and how to find a valley.  Very cool class.  Not that I do much in the way of hiking, but John and I do keep talking about it.

A few more lovely pictures from around Silver Bay.

The chapel


Some clematis:



More clematis:



Some good coffee.


I had to buy this in the little general store because the coffee served in the dining hall is swill.  The rest of the food – very, very good.  The coffee? I couldn’t finish my cup it was that bad.  Different than past years. It comes out of a machine that mixes concentrate with hot water. Ewww?

Our classic chair:



More Lake George:



I love the lake!

Still have to talk about the other 2 classes, but there will be an AIM post coming up this Monday and then I will share the rest.


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21 thoughts on “Becoming an outdoors woman!

  1. Heidi

    What a beautiful location for a really awesome group of courses! I have a few friends down here in GA who hunt and I’m sure they’d love it – especially your sister’s class! Poor deer 🙁

    I’m looking forward to the rest of your posts on the other classes!

  2. Grace @ Grace Dishes

    Super fun course plus the scenery is breath taking! I watched mythbusters the other day and they had a wilderness challenge armed with only bubble wrap and duct tape. Super funny yet it was neat to see the uses of duct tape

    Have a great weekend!
    Grace @ Grace Dishes´s last blog post ..Staying True

  3. Kim

    Wow – the beautiful pictures almost make me want to take a course like that!!! I’m sure my boys would love it if I learned to hunt. And, I’m completely directionally challenged so the compass and map stuff would help me a lot!!
    Can’t wait to hear about the rest of the classes!!! (and hopefully see more gorgeous pictures!!)
    Kim´s last blog post ..Building up Our Memory Banks

    1. Lori Post author

      I don’t hunt, even though I was taught when I was younger (I prefer shooting with the camera). It’s just fun to take courses for stuff I have never tried before.

  4. Shelley B

    Jeff broke his ankle on a hiking trip with the Boy Scouts a few years ago. They stabilized it with all sorts of things, like a frozen summer sausage, and carted him down the mountain. The ER doc actually took a picture of his leg, saying he was pretty impressed with the job they did…so yeah, thinking outside the box really does come in handy for wilderness first aid!

    Swill coffee. Ptooey! Sounds like that’s the only negative thing about this weekend, so I’d say you’re doing great – and how nice that the rain stayed away!
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Friday Mishmash

    1. Lori Post author

      You really do have to use whatever – and if you are on the receiving end of the aid, I imagine you don’t care whether it is a sausage or an official splint!

  5. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    I’m such an idiot. I saw the picture of the deer and thought how wonderful that they would teach you first aid on injured deer! And then I continued reading and learned the ugly truth. 🙂

    I could probably do a wilderness camp with tennis courts and a coffee shop!
    Cammy@TippyToeDiet´s last blog post ..Dang!

    1. Lori Post author

      I am sure you would enjoy this, Cammy. It’s not really wilderness if you have internet LOL! (Phone service a totally different story, though).

  6. debby

    LOLOL at Cammy’s comment.

    I was really looking forward to this post, and you did not disappoint! What wonderful pictures of the scenery!

    Funny about the coffee, and going somewhere else to buy it. I do that routinely when I travel. there is just no need to put up with bad coffee.
    debby´s last blog post ..Who’s Hot?

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