Heat wave

I know it’s July and all that, but it sure feels like we skipped forward a month with this heat!  Not to mention the humidity.  None of the doors in our house open and close right because they are swollen from the humidity.

That puts a bit of a damper on riding because it is too much to be on the open roads in the sun, so we have to settle for closer to home.  We biked to the farmer’s market on Saturday for fun.



Roz – you should be here this week – this week’s word is kale!!


I would have loved to buy a bunch of produce, but we were riding for a while after this and it would have all wilted (not to mention been heavy).



This is some good peanut butter!



I sampled the s’mores butter.  Yum!

The bouquet lady was just about sold out.



We then headed out towards the lake, although were weren’t going all the way there.

New sign at our ‘decision point’:



There has been a problem between snowmobilers and the city with maintenance of the path because they ride over the bare path in winter and it gouges it up.



We decided to climb a few hills and then turn around.

It was lunch time and we decided to stop for froyo.  Turns out we weren’t the only ones having a lunch like this!



This was bigger than I probably needed, but I ended up finishing it – probably because it was lunch LOL!


It was pretty hot and John was a little tired, so he headed home and I peeled off to do a few more miles. I wanted to get close to 30 on the day.  I went road riding:



Go me!!



I wound around some on the path as well.  The canal is pretty high right now with all the rain.  This lock usually isn’t gushing like this:



Then I went by what I call Covet House – because I do covet it.



I love this house and it’s big gardens.  If it went on the market, I would be first in line to buy it.  I like to make my riding route go by this house because I love to look at it.  I wish the picture was a little better, but I didn’t want to be a total creeper.




Ride stats:

28.1 miles

Average speed 13.1 mph

Top speed 25.6 mph

Calories burned – 907.

Since it was a shorter ride, I really pushed the hills and felt great! I’ve got good legs right now.  With riding on Sunday, I cracked the 1000 mile mark for the season already!  If I do 100 miles a week, I can hit my 2500 mile goal before November.  That sounds like a lot, but it really isn’t. Just a few rides during the week and then 50 miles on the weekends, which is pretty standard.

Phoenix has made himself quite at home.



Pixie has been a real trooper through having the kitten around.  Phoenix and entourage will be going home on Sunday some time in the evening.  Pixie spent a lot of time up on the cabinets to get relief from his pestering.



He is on the floor and you can just hear her thoughts.  Sigh… still here…

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26 thoughts on “Heat wave

  1. deb

    I covet that house too! Its adorable! 100 miles a week……..You just make me feel like i need to get my rear in gear cause trust me i bet i could ride most of the winter here……i just need a good swift kick..trouble is everybody is just too nice to give it to me… LOL! Great job woman! Hugs! deb
    deb´s last blog post ..Hand Cramp!……………

  2. debby

    That picture of Pixie is making me LOL.

    That house–SOOOO interesting. I’d love to see inside it too. I really like the structure (architecture?) of older homes.

    Good for you on the bike riding, especially in the heat. Of course, froyo sweetens the deal a little bit, huh?
    debby´s last blog post ..A Pretty Fun Day

    1. Lori Post author

      Yeah, the mornings aren’t as bad, so that’s the best time before the heat gets terrible. Hence froyo for lunch! 😀

  3. Kimberley

    Covet house is lovely. I would run a B&B out of it.

    I guess Pixie will be thrilled when the menagerie leaves…especially cute little Phoenix.

    Checked out your blooms and they are lovely! Where are the butterflies? I haven’t seen a lot around here either.

    1. Lori Post author

      A B&B would be nice! If only this house were near anything to draw the tourists. We have not had butterflies yet. They are very late this year. Maybe once the cone flowers get all in bloom.

  4. Shelley B

    It’s hard enough to exercise in the heat, but when the sun is out? Ugh! That’s why I’m a vampire runner…but I don’t guess bike riding would be as safe, nor as enjoyable (how would you see all the pretty sights?), so suffer you must. Kudos for getting out there in it!

    Love that shot of Pixie. I didn’t know she climbed cabinets!

    1. Lori Post author

      Pixie is not much of a climber, but this was her only real relief from Phoenix since he was too little to get up there. She is a very happy camper tonight now that he has gone home!

  5. Fran

    We don’t have a heatwave but we do have perfect Summer weather at the moment. It’s been so long since we had that, I really enjoy it especially since the temperatures are the ones I can handle (you know I can’t stand heat and humidity in Holland).

    Great and fun bike ride you had.

    You asked me if R. is coming with me on the long walks.
    No, he isn’t because he can’t. He had a fracture on his foot a couple of years ago and can’t walk long distances. But he can do about 5K so I will do a few of those in Autumn and he already said he will come with me and Bella then.

    I have to say that I don’t mind going alone on my walks with Bella. I always use the daily walks to think about a lot of things or nothing at all. I don’t run without music but when I walk I don’t use music, the quiet time is enough.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Saturday July 6, 2013: Recreatietocht Utrecht

    1. Lori Post author

      I enjoy biking on my own, too. I ride a lot more than John does and it’s nice to just go out and think. Of course, I never listen to music on my bike, but I will ride in quieter areas for thinking purposes.

  6. Marion

    Hi Lori! We also live in a very old house with swollen doors. Love that yellow house too. I would have been a creeper and took a photo up closer. It’s just a compliment anyhow. 😀
    Marion´s last blog post ..Outdoor Yoga Class

    1. Lori Post author

      It was a vanilla yogurt with peanut butter and hot fudge topping. Good thing I got the yogurt under there LOL!

  7. Biz

    That house is so cool – I just love the color of it! You are so handy so I can see why you would covet it! 😀

    Hooray for cracking 1000 miles!!
    Biz´s last blog post ..Back to Reality

  8. Sharon

    Wacky, wacky weather…we are having a nice cool streak, but can’t enjoy it because we are having to use BOATS to get anywhere. I’ve never seen so much rain. And seems just yesterday that’s what YOU were dealing with.
    Sharon´s last blog post ..IT’S OFFICIAL!! We’re Moving!

    1. Lori Post author

      The rain is ridiculous, really. Watch August will be dry as a bone and everything will wither.

  9. Linda

    First all this rain?probably not over yet…now the humidity. I would have to get up at 4:30 am to go in the morning. So usually its face the heat for me. Oh well plenty of water first and after; then if too hot its just walking and no jogging.

    I have been by that house, looks just like a doll house. So quaint. Makes me miss my old house but only before cleaning day. Then very thankful for our choice to downsize to a 1600 sq ft modular home.

    Lori I will try to post some pictures of my oriental and calla lillies for you. I will tag some for you on Facebook.

  10. Satu

    I loved the Covet house and the froyo.

    Even though Phoenix seemed adorable I can completely understand Pixie’s feelings. Every time I go see my nieces, I can be super energetic the first day I spend with them but on the next day I just want to read the newspaper in peace and sit on the sofa. It must be a sign of approaching middle age! 😉
    Satu´s last blog post ..Advantages of Staying Overweight

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