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Well, after a very frustrating 10 days or so, I am finally working on my new computer.  That was such a pain.  I can’t believe it took days to get stuff installed and it was like pulling teeth communicating with our IT department.  Each day ended with the tech saying, “I will call you tomorrow” and I waited and waited and finally called myself pretty much every day.  Luckily I was still able to work on my old computer, but the problems with that one were as bad LOL!

Friday afternoon, the IT guy said, “I will call you at 9 am Monday morning to finish this up”.  I waited around Monday morning until 10 am and no call.  🙄  When I called in, he said “I thought we were finished.”  Ugh?  Do they not keep notes of where they are in the process with these things?

Monday everything was finally running, but getting used to the new setup and working out the glitches made for a frustrating day, at which point I was on the edge of tears several times.  Mostly because it affects my productivity, which means I make less money.  No bueno.

Don’t you love all my cords? I had to rearrange because the USB ports and power cords are in the opposite side from my old computer.


It does look marginally better than this today.  That foot pedal there is also the reason I can’t have a treadmill desk.  There must be some invention to come up with for that.

Probably the most annoying thing about everything has been my eating.   This whole computer thing and I snacked too much.  That has always been my most troublesome area – the stress eating.  It doesn’t have to be junk food, either. I can have spoonfuls of nut butter, cereal, cheese.  If I want to stress snack, I can do it with a lot of foods that are just normal foods I have in the house.  I was feeling exceptionally non-radiant.

I just have to get it together.  Now things are moving upwards.  It’s going to take me some days to get my production back up to snuff getting use to a new keyboard and function keys, but finally it is stuff that *I* can do and not wait on anyone else.

On a fun note, we were outside last night and heard a familiar “whoosh” and looked up to see a hot air balloon right above the driveway! It was so close.  I ran in to get my camera and it already had gone this far:



It was a perfect evening for a balloon ride!  I have never been – not sure I could as I feel a little afraid of heights, but it would sure be an adventure!

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16 thoughts on “Computer update

  1. Sandi

    That is a long time to struggle with computer problems, glad it’s fixed!
    I hear you on the stress eating.
    I’m the same way, can stress eat healthy foods the same as junk. Peanut butter has had to be in the off limit foods many times, it’s so easy to eat it by the spoonful.
    We live fairly close to Napa Valley where they have hot air balloons and the hubby has wanted to go so bad. I’m a chicken so we haven’t done it yet. I feel guilty about it though, so maybe I’ll work up the courage someday.
    Sandi´s last blog post ..Shape wear flashback

  2. debby

    Oh I do feel bad–I went through the techy stuff with the computer not working, the guys saying they would call back, the lack of continuity. You brought it back all so clearly that I almost want to stress eat LOL. I’m glad you are back in control–that really makes things so much better.

    Even when you are stressed, you are really funny–” I was feeling exceptionally non-radiant.”
    debby´s last blog post ..Addictions?

    1. Lori Post author

      I usually do have a good sense of humor no matter what happens, although the non-radiant thing wasn’t all that funny. Crabby McCrabbington.

  3. Lynne

    Going through that work computer stuff is such a pain! Very hard to keep from ‘stress snacking’ with all that going on. Have you ever tried using a ‘stand-up’ desk? You’d still be able to use your foot pedal. I’ve thought about it for when I work at home. All that med record reading and computer input – all day – and I’m starting to grow roots!

  4. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    The hot air balloon was the Universe’s way of saying, “I’m sorry I let things get so out of control. Here’s a pretty for you to enjoy.” 🙂 Glad that part’s over with and you can deal with what’s in your control.
    Cammy@TippyToeDiet´s last blog post ..Of Makeovers and Momentum

  5. Fran

    What a stress with a the new computer. It would drive me insane too.

    I never did a balloon ride either, don’t really want to because, like you, I’m a bit afraid of heights. But R. did it 2 years ago (gift from his mother for helping her move) and he loved it. He said it was amazing.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Friday July 26, 2013: Heatwave

  6. Erin

    I got a new laptop just for personal use and trying to figure out the convoluted world that is Win 8 *has* driven me to tears! I couldn’t imagine trying to work it all out under the pressure of my job. I’d have drop-kicked it on day two. BOO!

  7. Sharon

    You’ve got a friend in TN with the stress eating thing right now…this move has just about done me in. It’s stressful in itself, but we’ve had so much TIME – almost too much. Between that and my birthday yesterday, it’s been a disaster. So you’re computer problems are now working themselves out and things are moving quickly with our move, so NO MORE STRESS EATING for either of us. Deal???
    Sharon´s last blog post ..Change Is Never Easy!

  8. Roz@weightingfor50

    GRRR…..HATE IT issues! Sounds like yours were BEYOND frustrating. Glad it is finally up and running and life can return to normal! There is a something missing from the cord pic though. Where is Pixie? 🙂 The balloon pic is lovely! Hope today is a much better day for you Lori. Take care!
    Roz@weightingfor50´s last blog post ..Gumby and Pokey – BFFs

  9. Biz

    When I call our IT department, they say “did you log off and log back on?” Did you have to go to school for that?

    We use to have a balloon launch near our house, but its since moved. It would fly so close to our house we could converse with the people in the basket – and that whoosh sound is unmistakable!
    Biz´s last blog post ..Tomato Basil Soup & Breakfast Banana Boats

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