August Goals!

Welcome to August!!  It feels more like fall around here. Rainy and in the upper 60s.  Pixie is back into lap mode again. This is from a few days ago, but it’s pretty much the same around here 😀



Now on to goals for August!

1. Cook some new Indian dishes.  I am going to go for at least 3 and post them on the blog.  Things that are relatively easy.  I love Indian food and I should cook more of that at home.

2. Lose 4 pounds – We are going to Vegas at the end of the month.  This was a bit of a surprise trip.  John’s friend offered to fly us out there, so we are going! Anyway, I thought it might be nice to challenge myself to lose 4 pounds before Vegas.  This will be accomplished by doing 4 days a week of lower carb/grain free and the other 3 days as I normally eat.  I find this system actually works pretty well for that purpose.


Grain free breakfast today?  Ricotta puffs with blueberries!

3. More strength training.  I have the program and I am going to stick with the level 1 for a while longer before moving up.  Being strong really helps my biking, so I can’t slack too much on that.

4. Less complaining.  I feel like I have been complaining too much about stuff lately.  Work, in particular, but that accentuates the other complaints that I normally do.  I need to focus on the positive things about my job and learn to deal better with the negative.

5.  Finishing up some projects.  I have a fair number of half-finished projects around the house (not sure how that happened) and I would like to try to finish some of those up before starting new ones!


Okay, that sounds good!

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14 thoughts on “August Goals!

  1. deb

    All good and achievable goals Lori! I envy you and your trip to Vegas!! Do you gamble??
    We don’t (that is hubby and i) but there sure are some neat shows there i would love to see.
    Thats where all my money would go. 🙂 Cirque and those Blue guys Hugs! deb

    1. Lori Post author

      John plays poker. I have played poker and black jack, but I am not a big gambler – at the tables, anyway 😀

      I won’t be there for too long, so it is mostly looking at all the sites and we are staying in a new hotel, which will be pretty amazing to check out – the Vdara!

  2. debby

    The ricotta puffs intrigued me, of course. And I had to laugh, because I had the same question I had when you first posted the recipe–can you sub cottage cheese? LOL, I checked the comments, and you had already answered that. I think I might try it tomorrow. With some lemon flavoring, and fresh raspberries.
    debby´s last blog post ..Addictions?

  3. Satu

    Pixie love! She looks super cuddly in your lap. 🙂

    Yay on adding more strength training to your routine. I’m doing the same because I had a bit of a break from my training because of my low back issue. I’m looking for a new strength training program, would you recommend the New Rules of Lifting for Life?

  4. Elizabeth

    That breakfast looks delish! I am looking forward to the Indian recipes. I’ve actually only had Indian food a couple times, and I recently went to have some with a friend, and loved it! I would love to learn to make some myself.
    Elizabeth´s last blog post ..A Funny About Spanx

  5. Fran

    I don’t think you complain a lot lately, at least not on the blog. I love your goals. I need to lose weight too (again). I saw a pic taken of me yesterday and I didn’t like what I saw. Going to be difficult since I have a 3 week vacation at the end of this week but I’m going to try and not wait till September.

    Love it that you are going to Vegas!
    Fran´s last blog post ..Friday August 2, 2013: Hottest day of the year

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