Happy Birthday to John!

My best friend turns 45!  Now he is the same age as me 😀

It was birthday weekend around here because we don’t just do 1 day for this kind of stuff.  I told John whatever he wanted to do we would.  So, we did a little biking and a stop for ice cream.

We went out to dinner at 132 Glen Bistro in Glens Falls.  It was so nice out that we sat outside.

Happy Birthday to John!! <3



We had never tried this restaurant before other than at the Take a Bite, but they serve a lot of fish and seafood, so that is why we went.



John had the swordfish and I had the crab cake stuffed flounder with seafood sauce:



I really liked this, except for the rice.  It almost tasted like instant rice.  I was happy to try another fish and like it!  I like sole and I think flounder is also a flat fish?  So, I thought that would be good to try.  I have had their crab cakes before during the Take a Bite nights, so I knew that I would like that part.

After dinner we ventured down to Saratoga Springs.  It’s a lot more hopping down there.  Here is a pretty view from the roof garage:



I also saw Betties’ bus!  Normally we go to Bettie’s for cupcakes on long ride days and go to the shop.  They have a double-decker bus that drives around, sort of like a food cart, usually closer to Albany.



We didn’t partake in cupcakes, though!

Sunday was cake time!  John requested “the cake”, which is the cake that was made for my grandfather’s birthday every year, which was on Christmas (and we still serve at Christmas now).  It’s basically a white cake with a praline type icing.  The frosting is very temperamental and really a labor of love.  It goes on hot and can sometimes run down the side of the cake before it firms up, and I was trying to keep pushing the frosting back on the cake. It always tastes good, but sometimes it looks less than stellar, such as this year!



I kept singing “Beware of the blob!”  while watching it  :mrgreen:  This frosting really needs a day to fully crystallize and set up, so I made it on Saturday

It looks much better cut into a slice:



(Sorry Debby!)

We all love this cake!

Here we are singing to John!



We played games, too.  Mad Gab!



The answer to that would be ‘North American”.  :mrgreen:


Happy, happy birthday John!!



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14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to John!

  1. debby

    So my piece is in the mail, right? LOL, can you imagine what that icing would look like after a hot trip cross country? Mayve I’l just buy a praline and stick it on top of a plain cupcake. That would do the trick, wouldn’t it?

    Well, seriously, I’m glad you guys had a fun weekend. Happy birthday John!
    debby´s last blog post ..Addictions?

    1. Lori Post author

      John won’t share the leftovers LOL! The frosting would hold up in shipping because it is hard, but the cake would be crumbs. There would just be an “E” shaped piece of frosting in the box!

      You could just skip the cupcake and eat a praline 😀

  2. Erin

    That cake looks wonderful and he looks so loved and pleased while you were all singing to him! How could you not feel loved when someone puts so much effort into a birthday cake. 🙂

  3. John

    Thanks for a great birthday, Lori, and thanks to everybody for the birthday wishes! Seriously, I did not share the cake leftovers…

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