Bagels and orchids

My week is all messed up.  Off schedule and now I can’t remember what day it is.  John had some customers that wanted to come by at 8:30 am on Wednesday, which is smack in the middle of Bagel Wednesday!  So, we didn’t go so that John could be home – and then the people didn’t show up until after 10 am  Grrrr….  Lateness is probably one of my biggest peeves.

We decided to go on Thursday because you just cannot not do a bagel day.  It was a muggy morning.  Not hot at 70 degrees, but sticky and I was plenty sweaty biking.  Off to Coffee Planet!



Bagel deliciousness!


Now I am thinking all day that it is Wednesday.  Yesterday felt like Thursday.  I’m all messed up 😀

On the work front, my new computer is working out well.  I have all but the tiniest bug worked out and am pretty much back to full production again!


Happy me!

We were out and about last night and stopped at Lowe’s to pick up some sand to finish up the walkway (YAY!!!).  We got in there and I turned to tell John where I would be and before I said anything – he said “You’ll be in the garden center” 😳  He knows me too well.

I have been thinking about venturing into indoor plants, despite the plant destroyer I have in the home.

Anyway, I cannot resist the bargain half-dead plant rack at Lowe’s and looked at the houseplant one.  Because if I am venturing into houseplants, why not make it challenging, right? 🙄

There was an orchid that was done blooming and was only $3.  How could I resist?  So, I brought my new foundling home.  Here it is:


Picture taken outside for lighting reasons – this will be inside.  I fed and watered it last night and it already perked up.  I have no clue about orchids, so I have been reading up online and hoping I can get this one to rebloom in the next year, although I would be happy enough if it stayed alive and Pixie didn’t eat it first.

Here is the walkway after sand.


It’s funny, you can see how much better John got at working with the concrete the closer he got to the house.  Much smoother.  When he first started I had mentioned that we could pry the first few up and do them again. John said he wasn’t going to do that.  Then last night he said, “Next year I will redo these first few, or maybe this fall” LOL!  Now he has the hang of using the mold and working with the concrete, so I guess I can hire him out.

On an even funner note – Preseason is here, baby!! WOOT!  Game on tonight!



The Broncos are probably not on our local channels, but at least one of the games tonight will be on!  Preseason games are exciting for about the first quarter, but that is a good way to ease back in 😀

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16 thoughts on “Bagels and orchids

  1. deb

    Walkway looks great!! Orchids are alot easier than many people think. Be sure to fertilize it often. Keep it on the dry side rather than wet…they would love a misty shower now and then. Mine always grew well. I kept them in the steamy bathroom near a window BUT i never did get them to bloom again for me….I had mine up waaaay high with no extra room on the shelf so MY plant destroyer could not get at them….LOL! Hugs! deb
    deb´s last blog post ..Sometimes i Forget…….

    1. Lori Post author

      I am going to get some orchid fertilizer. I have some Miracle Grow, but I think that is too high in nitrogen to promote blooms. I am going to an orchid forum and post a pic to see if I should repot this one now.

  2. Fran

    Great job by John with the walkway, it looks great.

    I love orchids, I’m not very good with indoor plants but orchids survive most of the time.

    1. Lori Post author

      I have heard that orchids aren’t that hard. I always thought they were some exotic tropical plant. I am very curious to see if I can coax more blooms out of this one.

  3. E. Jane

    I buy orchids all the time, and some of the last for months. I guess I need to work at making them bloom again once they’re done. Your walkway does look very nice, and I think bagel Wednesday is a great idea. I think that planning our food helps us stay on track, and that goes for special times we enjoy looking forward too.
    E. Jane´s last blog post ..I’m Home Again for a While, and a Warning for Bloggers who may be Unaware of where Their Blogs are Posted on the Internet

  4. debby

    The walkway looks beautiful! I have a question. They had big stones similar to that at Home Depot. Is it less expensive to make your own, or are the ones you make actually sturdier, or bigger, or better somehow? I saw an article about making your own decorative pavers a long time ago, and I’ve always wanted to try.

    Good luck with the orchid. My family has always liked orchids. I had an uncle who grew cymbidiums. They grew outdoors where he lived (Oakland). Other than that, I don’t know anybody who has gotten them to bloom again. But I don’t know that anybody did much research on their care like you are doing!

    That bit with the people messing up your Bagel Wednesday and then showing up late–maddening.

    Is it raining at your house???
    debby´s last blog post ..AIM: Show Me Your Maintenance and I’ll Show You Mine

    1. Lori Post author

      It is very much less expensive to do these yourself. The mold is 2 x 2. So, there are 2 mold’s worth for the width of the walkway (does that make sense?). Each bag of concrete was about $4. Each block uses 1 bag of concrete (quickcrete). John used 18 bags of concrete total. The mold was around $20, I believe? We also bought some landscape fabric for underneath the walkway. All total probably around $150 for the project. It would have cost way more to buy pavers.

  5. Biz

    My husband could not be more thrilled that football is back on, even if pre-season! Do you guys watch Hard Knocks on HBO – I love it – it goes behind the scenes of a football franchise every year – so well done.

    Hooray for bagel Thursday?! Just so you know, today is Friday! 😀
    Biz´s last blog post ..I’ve Got This

  6. Tami @Nutmeg Notebook

    The walkway looks amazing. You both are so skilled at home improvement projects. I wish you lived closer as my master bath needs a re-do!

    I have an orchid the family gave me about 5 years ago for Mother’s Day and it blooms every year – I love it!
    Tami @Nutmeg Notebook´s last blog post ..Peach Berry Cobbler

  7. Lynn


    Your sidewalk turned out great. I have been thinking of putting one in my backyard to walk to my puppy dogs kennels, so the one that you all did gave me some ideas. Love your garden, looks like a english garden.

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