What’s Blooming!

Here is a little throwback Thursday Friday. Here is our front yard when we first moved in.  The front yard was being used as a turnaround and was all sand/dirt.  Plus that lame empty planter bed.  The tree branch you see is no longer there.  We had a huge tree in front of the house, but they removed it when the city redid the sidewalks and the streets because they had to cut too many roots for it to survive.


About 7 years of time and patience later and now a mature garden.


Imagine what I could do with a huge property :mrgreen:

Still getting a few blooms on my bachelor buttons. I love these!

bachelor buttons

And ewwww – there is a fly on it! 😮

I am liking the birdbath here as well.  More birds use it now that it is over here.




This was the first monarch of the year.

Kittens are blooming, too.  We hadn’t seen them for a couple days, then Pixie went bananas by the window this morning and, sure enough, there they were!



I was taking a pictures out the window (so I wouldn’t scare them) and they weren’t looking. Then orange one was all “Oh, hi!!”  They aren’t people friendly, though. Didn’t see the momma.  Need to keep an eye out for her and make sure she is still around to take care of these sweeties.  I just want to pick them up and kiss them!  So cute.  Although I am sure they are covered with fleas.  Mustn’t name them.  Must…not…name…them…

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20 thoughts on “What’s Blooming!

  1. Satu

    Flowers are pretty but kitties are even more so! 🙂 Is that protruding window where Pixie observes her neighbor- I mean realm?

  2. Kim

    Wow – the transformation in your yard is incredible!!! Maybe you could take a long bike ride to Kansas and do my yard (and then, of course, you will have to come back to make sure everything keeps growing!!!).
    Kim´s last blog post ..An Attempt at Being Crafty

  3. Shelley B

    You made a huge transformation with your yard – what vision you had, to look at that ugly, barren area and see what it could become! No wonder your neighbors stop to look at your garden; you turned that yard from an eyesore to something everyone would want!

    Um, and P.S.: Pumpkin and Midnight say HI! 😉
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Friday Mishmash – This…Is CNN

    1. Lori Post author

      Not that I was thinking names or anything, but Pumpkin or Cheddar crossed my mind for the orange one. 😀

  4. debby

    Can’t you catch Pumpkin and send her out to me in one of those $16 priority boxes?

    The garden transformation is astounding! That encourages me to keep going when I have setbacks of the four -legged kind …
    debby´s last blog post ..A Peachy Keen Summer

  5. Sharon

    I love before and after pics – they say so much! Your house transformation is amazing. Sometime would love to know other goals/projects you have in mind for the future. I know longer live in an old house, but I sure do still love them!
    Sharon´s last blog post ..Coming Up For Air!

    1. Lori Post author

      We don’t have anything very major planned for the house. New porch roof and sealing the driveway LOL. Pretty mundane. There will be a light kitchen remodel in the winter for new counter tops and possibly lower cabinets. I am trying to concentrate more on the decor now.

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