Rainy Sundae

Ah to be back in my quiet lifestyle again!  After a pell mell week, it was good to go for a relaxing ride on Saturday.  I made the mistake of trusting weather.com that it would not rain, but other than that it was a good day.

Come along with me for some peaceful photos!

I missed my bike!  One thing about Vegas – not bike friendly.  It gave me the willies thinking about trying to get to and from the Strip to get to work there.  Not that we saw anyone on bikes doing that, but they should think about making the city itself more bike friendly.


It was a little chilly in the 60s for the first part of the ride, but the sun was out and it was nice to be on open roads with very little traffic.


I had decided I wanted Martha’s ice cream today, so I made a large loop around towards Lake George.  I didn’t actually want to go all the way to the lake because there was a big car show going on and I had no desire to be around a lot of people after being in Vegas.

I had to shed my jacket after a while.  This part of the path goes through Glens Falls.  A lot of stop and go, so it kills your average speed, but it’s pretty.


Lots of fall blooming flowers.  Goldenrod and Joe Pye Weed:


Rest spot!


I sat on a rock next to my bike and caught movement out of the corner of my eye.  Little tiny toad!  He was maybe an inch long and very cute.


I will make him look big and fierce, though.


After some rest, I headed to Martha’s.  I had asked my mom if she wanted to meet me there.  I gave an approximate time with a half hour window because you never know when riding what can happen.  We ended up getting there within 5 minutes of each other!  Perfect timing.

I had a scholarship sundae:


That’s hot fudge, raspberry sauce and cookie crumbs.  Yum!

Mama Radiance:


My dad wanted to burn leaves instead of come for ice cream, can you believe that?  Doesn’t know what he is missing.  Anyway, we chatted for a long time since I had to catch her up on all we did in Vegas and the skies started to cloud up.  I figured it was best to head home.  Sure enough, a mile or so in going home and it started to sprinkle.  I almost thought about pulling over and waiting, but then realized it probably was a rain that wasn’t going to stop.  So, I pulled over and put my jacket on.



I then saw this and had to pull over, rain or not.  This is newly painted because I know this wasn’t here a few weeks ago.


It was mostly light drizzle at this point, so I changed my route home to go on the path and get under some tree cover to keep dry.


We have been avoiding this part of the path all summer because it dumps you out into construction, but it was worth keeping drier.

Done!  I cut the ride a bit short because of the weather, but still a good ride.


Ride stats:

Total miles:  38.5

Ride time:  3 hours 5 minutes

Average speed:  12.3 mph

Top speed:  22.1 mph

Calories burned:  1317 – good enough for a big sundae!

And irony? I was so glad to get out of the cold and drizzle and hop into the shower :mrgreen:

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14 thoughts on “Rainy Sundae

  1. Lori's Mom

    Mama Radiance…. I like that. I had a nice chat with you, and the sundae was great! Sorry you got caught in the rain! I hope the rest of your weekend is sunny and dry!

  2. Kim

    I’m not really a big ice cream eater but that sundae looks delicious!!!
    So cool that your mom could meet your for ice cream and a catch up visit!!!
    And, that ride looked awesome – I like the paths and think I would prefer riding on paths over the road.
    Kim´s last blog post ..What a Difference a Few Years Makes!!

  3. Colleen

    awwww your mom is beautiful 🙂 Thanks for taking me with you on your bike ride! I had a good time lolol Sure wish I could have shared that ice cream it looks D E L I S H !!

  4. suzanne

    Nice ride! I had a good ride today too :)I saw a big fat toad but I was riding and by the time I stopped he’d hopped away.
    That ice cream looks absolutely delish and worth every calorie!

  5. Fran

    Great ride! Fun that mama Radiance met you for ice cream, good idea.
    We are alike, I often like the quiet time during my walks with Bella. That’s why I never bring music on our walks, not even on the long walks. Last Saturday the first part of our walk was a bit crowded with people but the last part it was just us in the forest with an occasional other walker, that was the best part of the walk.

    Nothing beats a hot shower after getting wet.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Saturday September 7, 2013: Baarn en De Vuursche walk

  6. Jody - Fit at 55

    I love that you called your mom Mama Radiance!!! Love that you get together with her.. with my mom gone, that stuff hits the heart for me! That sundae looked amazing even though I would take a cookie over that – my blog has pics of 2! 🙂 weather.com can be a pain here too!

    Not a fan of Vegas craziness here… 🙂
    Jody – Fit at 55´s last blog post ..Gratitude Monday & FAMILY! Birthdays too!

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