Football meal and trains!

Project of the day: Sealing the driveway.


It’s still drying in the pic. Last year, you all know we got the driveway redone and I have professed my love of it multiple times.  The driveway had to cure for a season and then we were to seal it, so that was the project.  We had to get a stretch of weather where it was warm enough and dry enough to do this.  So, that meant today.  I’ll have to make up work hours this weekend, but at least the driveway won’t need sealing for many years (hopefully 10 according to the sealant we bought).  Now the driveway itself was installed by pros, but John and I did the sealing.   We both got a little cranky pants doing it as well 🙄

It was a good night to go out to dinner.  Yet again, I won the football picks last week, pretty handily, I might add.  So, it was my choice tonight.  We headed out to Glens Falls and stopped here:


This is a casual tavern with pizza and wings and really good soup.  Not sure how that combo came about, but I am glad.

We each started with lobster bisque:


It has a lobster and garlic  infused olive oil drizzle on there.  I wish they served the soup in a smaller bowl.  It’s so silly to have small amounts of food in giant bowls/plates.  Anyway, the soup was really yummy!

Then the pizza arrived.  It’s cooked in a wood-fired oven.  We got the quatro fromaggio:


Also tasty!

After dinner, we walked downtown.  This weekend is the hot air balloon festival and they have a kickoff night in Glens Falls and celebrate with a car show.  Makes sense, right?




The model railroad club also opened up their workshop to the public, which is always fun.


These just make me smile.  I love the trains.


Someone has a sense of humor because by the little Dunkin Donuts building were all the cops.




One thing I would love to have if I had more space is a train garden.  I want to have tracks running through a garden.  That would be so much fun.  John would do the train installation and I would do the garden part.  Maybe in our next house.

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14 thoughts on “Football meal and trains!

  1. Kim

    It made me smile that y’all got cranky sealing the driveway! Chris & I have done several big projects (like building decks and sheds) and one of us (might be me) gets really cranky – our neighbors probably hate when we do outdoor projects together.
    I think you should totally add a train set-up to your garden – so cool!!
    Kim´s last blog post ..No Excuses Allowed!

  2. Fran

    The best pizza’s are the ones from a wood-fired oven. This one looks delicious.

    One of my uncles had a train room in his house when I was young. I would love to go there when we were there on a visit. I always loved the little details.

    Great job on the driveway, it looks great.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Tuesday September 17, 2013: Great reunion.

  3. Linda E.

    Wow, that pizza does look amazing. I am so impressed that you do not obsess about food. Almost 3 yrs ago when I went in for my yearly physical, I was talking to my doctor (hoping for help), asking her about South Beach, Weight Watchers, etc.; well the only advice she could/would give me is “everything in moderation”. I left feeling so frustrated with no guidance as to how and lose weight. Well, here it is these 3 yrs almost gone and I look back and realize those were the best words I could have heard that day. Too much of the bad is just that too much. But when you work it inot your otherwise healthy lifestyle it is ok! I believe people fail at weight loss and maintanence because they haven’t learned how easy it can be. Now…I may be off to I heart NY Pizza this Sunday for some lunch, Lol.

    Thanks Lori, for you blog.

    1. Lori Post author

      Thank you Linda! I am certainly not perfect. I do have binges sometimes, but I let go of guilt over food and that has really helped a lot.

      Although, I do have to say if one looked at my pinterest boards, they might think I obsess about food 😀

  4. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    Your driveway still looks great.

    We’ve got a new franchise opening next month. It’s kind of a design-your-own personal-sized wood-fired pizza. Sort of like Moe’s or Qdoba, but with pizza. I’m looking forward to trying it.
    Cammy@TippyToeDiet´s last blog post ..No News is Good News

  5. Elizabeth

    Awesome looking driveway. We need to get ours fixed. It’s cement, and it has cracks. 🙁 We have to have a cement one though because of our HOA rules. :/ That food looks amazing, and ITA about small food in large bowls! My son would die to see those trains. He is obsessed with them and loves to set up his own trains and go with my husband and father in law to look at them. My husband and father in law work on the railroad, so it’s sort of a family thing. 🙂
    Elizabeth´s last blog post ..Jog/Walk Club

  6. Biz

    OMG, that pizza looks amazing! We discovered a pizza place not too far from our house that does coal fired pizza – eating out isn’t in the budget right now, but I am really craving it after seeing yours!
    Biz´s last blog post ..Congratulations!

  7. Kim

    Your train garden can be at your B&B. The B&B should be along the Trans Am route or a great rails to trails so you can host cyclists. Okay, I’ll stop planning your life now.

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