Peeks of color and Moe’s!

This week has been exceptional fall weather!  Pretty cold overnight, but warming up into the 60s during the day and sunny.  My bike hours are limited now.  I am not going in the evenings any more. I went out Tuesday at 6 pm and the traffic was terrible, not to mention the sun angle was a little on the dangerous side.  I decided that was enough of that. 🙄

I waited today for temps to rise into the 50s before going on my ride.  I tell you – I had Fridayitis on Thursday!  It was so hard working today.  I was talking with some of my coworkers (on facebook) and I was not the only one.  Today is the last day of the pay period, so it really feels like the end of the week.

Anyway, here are some shots from my ride this morning. You can see the Virginia Creeper in this one:


Getting some peeks of fall color.  This part of the path is still pretty green:




Another nice shot of the canal:


It’s actually better to photograph fall color on an overcast day when the colors glow, but I’ll take a sunny bike ride.


A little over 12 miles done today.  I will have a great week of riding under my belt come Sunday night!

I had an interesting lunch today.  John bought some cider at the farmer’s market last weekend and I decided to make a protein drink with it.  This was 8 oz of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 4 ounces of cider and 30 grams of unsweetened protein powder.

apple cider protein drink


It was pretty good. Definitely sweet, though.

I managed to win the football picks for a third week in a row (because I rock), so it was out to dinner!  Our anniversary is this weekend and we will be going out for dinner as well, so I decided to go a little cheaper.

Welcome to Moe’s!


This was a burrito bowl with chicken.  I had chips, too.  Pretty tasty!  I had a salt craving, so that is why I wanted Moe’s. 😀

Unfortunately, I think my football win streak will be at an end.  Not feeling confident with this week’s picks, starting with the Rams tonight!

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9 thoughts on “Peeks of color and Moe’s!

  1. Kimberley

    I hope your winning streak continues! Not sure who is going to win tonight…but I picked San Fran. The pool I am in has a bunch of people in it, but hopefully I win at least one week.

    Nice falls pics…the leaves are starting to turn here too and I know what you mean about the sun changing position in the sky. We went for a hike the other night and it was practically dark in the woods at 6:30…scary!

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