17 years and counting!

Saturday was our anniversary.  John and I have been married for 17 years. Sometimes I get that stuff messed up.  I am bad with dates.  Last year we celebrated 20 years of dating.

Anyway, I spent the day with the man I love doing one of my favorite things!  Okay, that would be bike riding 😀

I cannot believe this fall weather we are having! We really booked it on the ride.  Not much stopping.  There was really no wind and it makes such a difference.  I did stop to take off my jacket about 8 miles in.


Then I notice the sign and ask John to pose for it.


Get it??  John’s response “All the stupid internet jokes and now I am a part of it.” :mrgreen:

Sun through leaves:


We headed on down to Saratoga and got there around mile 23.  Fall displays everywhere.



We stopped at Betties to buy a cupcake.  I was sure they would have something pumpkin (and they did).


John got a chocolate rummie.  Then we went to Spot Coffee to get our lattes.


My latte from Spot Coffee – complete with a heart.  How sweet.


This cuppie was a vanilla cupcake with pumpkin buttercream and soooooo good!  Of course, everything tastes good when you have been exercising hard.

I also got a cannoli (maple bacon), which I totally forgot to take a picture of.

We couldn’t dawdle too long as there was a lot to do still! Not too much stopping again on the way home.  We have good bike legs at this time of year.  Around mile 30, we did a stretch.  More sun through leaves!


I take this picture a lot here.


Long ride home. Around mile 45, I was getting pretty tired and ready to be done. Can’t stop, though – or you just don’t get home, right?



51.6 miles

Average speed: 14 mph

Top speed: 32.3

Calories burned: 1545

We showered and got all pretty and then went out to an anniversary dinner at Bistro Leroux. We have gone here for our anniversary for 3 years in a row.  It’s so good!

I love this place because they offer half sizes, which makes it more affordable.  There was a table of 4 next to us that had appetizers, full size plates and 2 bottles of wine. I can’t imagine how much that dinner cost, but it had to be at least $200.

We had a crabcake appetizer with a chipotle remoulade and some type of slaw on top:


My plate was a half portion of rosemary and cabernet braised steak risotto with blue cheese crumbles and crispy sweet potatoes.


This was amazing!  Lots of flavors going on in this dish.

John had the half portion of butter poached lobster risotto.


We had a 50 mile ride appetite and the food tasted extra good.

Then we left the bistro and headed back down to Saratoga since our anniversary is also one of the niece’s birthdays.  She turned 10.  The remains of a party:


My sister and BIL were exhausted because not only did 3 girls do a sleepover the night prior to the birthday, but then there was a party with seven 5th graders.  😯 😯

And look who it is!  Remember Phoenix when we babysat him?  I was holding him like a baby here. Ragdolls let you do that and stay there forever.  He’s gotten big!


I love his face.  He says, “I spent the day with a bunch of 5th graders. Will I ever be the same?”

We crammed a lot into this day!

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33 thoughts on “17 years and counting!

  1. Helen

    OK would it horrify you to know that Mr. Helen and I have spent close to $200 just for the two of us for our anniversary dinner?

    I so love that you and John enjoy each other’s company and want to experience excellent things together!
    Helen´s last blog post ..Don’t Look Back?

  2. Sharon

    Happy Anniversary! I’m glad to have met you both in person and know for a fact that you look very comfortable and content together! It’s obvious you are more than married – you are friends!
    Sharon´s last blog post ..One Day At A Time!

  3. debby

    Happy happy anniversary!! And how exciting to get that kind of mileage in on a special day. You need to post your year total with each ride now, so we can watch the countdown!!

    Love the food–layers of flavor that you got there. And love the half size portions so you can also get an appetizer and enjoy even more flavors.
    debby´s last blog post ..100

    1. Lori Post author

      We keep wondering why we only go once a year to this place because it is very good. Of course, there are lots of good restaurants around here.

  4. Ali @ Peaches and Football

    Aww happy anniversary to you both! What a wonderful day celebrating together and biking around, which is something you two love doing together. The weather has been fabulous the last couple days here too. It’s wonderful and I wish it would never end!!
    Ali @ Peaches and Football´s last blog post ..Week 15 Weigh-In

    1. Lori Post author

      It’s funny, we were saying how we didn’t do much out of the ordinary for our anniversary that we wouldn’t do anyway, other than a nicer dinner LOL!

  5. robin

    51 miles WOW! I guess I need to back up and read your older postI need to know how you got to this point.

  6. Helen

    Big congratulations to you and John! I always look forward to your anniversary post, simply because of that restaurant you go to lol! Sounds like it was just a great day in every way, as an anniversary should be.
    Helen´s last blog post ..Don’t Look Back?

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