Friday this and that

This week went by so fast, didn’t it? Just a few things happening. John finally won the football picks in week 4, so ‘we’ celebrated his win at Recovery Grill.

I hope he enjoyed his only win this season…

Friday was the yearly potluck lunch for my garden club.  It’s funny, we never have a list of who brings what and there is always such variety.  I made a pumpkin crunch cake, which I used from this recipe (with a couple tweaks). Mainly I added vanilla and I actually mixed cold butter and cake mix together to form a crumb topping.

Ali – this is for you!


I was concerned about how much this made and that I was going to have a bunch of this leftover this weekend.  Well, my garden club peeps did a good job.  Upon return home:


Need to save some for John! 😀

It was a lovely drive to the potluck, too, even though it was gray and drizzly.  It’s about peak around here.  Here are a couple shots I took on my bike ride yesterday.  This tree picture was taken last week:


One week later:


So pretty.


Fall color is so fleeting.


Pink picture of the day – also taken on my ride.  Local laundromat!


You definitely notice this building.


The Breast Cancer Site

Not sure how much riding will be happening this weekend. Kind of rainy, but I will probably squeeze something in!


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7 thoughts on “Friday this and that

  1. debby

    Yes the pumpkin cake looks yummy. But the trees look scrumptious!! We’re just starting to get a hint of fall color here. Definitely lower temps, especially at night, but still pretty warm during the day.
    debby´s last blog post ..All’s Well That Ends Well

  2. Helen

    I pinned one of those pumpkin cakes too. Waiting to make it for a friends birthday as like you I don’t want a big cake around here lol!

    I just told Mr. Helen yesterday I think we need to do our annual foliage drive next weekend. I think because the weather has been a little warmer than usual and bright and sunny, fall has snuck up on us. You’re right about it being fleeting and I don’t want to miss it!
    Helen´s last blog post ..That’s Life.

  3. Fran

    Those that cake look good or what! Bet it’s already gone now 🙂

    I saw the tree at FB and I started looking around here but fall colors aren’t really showing here yet. Most trees are still so green. My walk yesterday was a “Fall forest walk” but they better could have called it “Green forest walk” LOL. Wednesday the weather is turning with rain and clouds and I think fall colors appear soon after that.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Sunday October 6, 2013: Herfstboswandeling Austerlitz

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