What’s Blooming!

Phew. That felt like a busy week.  Lots of work to do.  I am tired from work as I also did some work last weekend on top of all week and I need a break because I am starting to burn out.  I am sure work will be calling me again this weekend, too, but I think I will ignore those calls.

Fall is peaking!



I was saying to John this morning that I wish fall color lasted for all of fall and not just a couple weeks.  I had an idea to just keep traveling south and following the color and that way I could enjoy it for many weeks!

We have had a spell of warmer weather and I was pleased to see some late blooms.



Cheery gaillarda!


My scentimental bush also has about 6 blooms on it.



3 of my 4 rose bushes got black spot this year, which really annoys me.  I am going to have to spray them with baking soda a lot next year.  Or at least remember to do it.  You think with all the time I spend in the garden that I would remember that.  Good old CRS strikes again.

My mums are still pretty stubby.



The burning bush is still pretty green. This doesn’t get full sun, so the color is a little delayed.


Today’s pink picture. The last of the petunias!


The Breast Cancer Site

We will be getting in some biking this weekend. Cooler weather, but no rain. And a S’mores party! Guess I had better bike a lot LOL!

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8 thoughts on “What’s Blooming!

  1. debby

    Okay, what is CRS? I’m sure I have it, if only I could remember what the initials stand for. I love your what’s blooming posts. It reminds me to go out and appreciate my garden. Even though it looks a little past prime, there are still tons of blooms. And I noticed today that some of them are even bigger than they were during the summer. I think they appreciate the cooler weather. Still, I am anxious to move on and get my spring bulbs planted! I did go out and plant a few pansies after I read your post today!

    Good wishes for great biking weather this weekend!
    debby´s last blog post ..AIM: Kickoff to the Eating Season

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