Football winner!

Football meal day!  After letting John win for a couple weeks in a row, it was time for me to take back the win 😀

It was a good day.  I started my day with some pumpkin cream of wheat!


Veggies for breakfast, go me!!

My routine is changing a bit with the weather change and I just work for longer before going out for my exercise until it gets warm enough out.  We were in the 60s and sunny today, which is just wonderful fall weather!  After several hours of work, John accompanied me for a 7 mile ride with a stop at the bank. Love padding the bank account and unpadding the hips! 😀

I rolled over 2300, too.


I love how I got back and made lunch and work called asking if I was going to work.  Ummm, I was all morning and will be in the afternoon. Like every day. Quit calling me!!! 🙄

Anyway, here was lunch. Old school egg salad!


I hate mayo any other way except in egg salad, and I don’t use very much.  I love egg salad, but always forget to hard boil the eggs. I want to try the oven method some time to do the eggs when I think to do it.

Afternoon latte was accompanied by a fun cookie. For John’s birthday, I got him a 3-month subscription to Love With Food, which is a box that comes each month with gourmet food samples in it.  The box that came the other day had Caveman Cookies it it.


It’s a grain-free cookie made with almond and pecan meal and maple syrup. A chewy cookie and pretty tasty. Whether or not cave people ate a lot of cookies is up for debate, but I did like this.

So, as I said, I won the picks again this week, thanks to the Cowboys pulling out a win! Normally I don’t root for the Cowboys (thank goodness my dad doesn’t read my blog), but I did on Sunday.  I decided that I wanted Restaurant 99 so that I could have a nice portion controlled meal.  They have some light fare meals and this is the glazed salmon with grilled asparagus and steamed broccoli.


This plate is 420 calories (give or take) according to the menu.  It’s also very good!  The only thing I didn’t eat was the tomato – not a fan.

Then it was living the high life and shopping at Target!  I got some long underwear bottoms to wear under my bike knickers now that it is getting chilly and I have 200 miles to go still 😀


I also couldn’t pass up the nail polish as it was on sale. The 2 outside colors are Sinful Colors and really my favorite brand. It’s inexpensive and lasts forever – and did I mention it was on sale?  I got the blue so I could paint Broncos nails some time (I have the orange). The red I got for doing candy canes in the winter and then I saw this fun sparkly red color in the middle. I really should stop buying polish, but it’s a cheap hobby.

It’s football night around here and some guitar practicing. Yep, we know how to party!

Today’s pink item – the apps on my new phone! 


The Breast Cancer Site

I can change the color of my apps and made them pink for October.  My favorite app is there – NFL!

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8 thoughts on “Football winner!

  1. Kim

    You are totally rocking the football thing this year!!! And that dinner looks good but I would eat the tomatoes and no asparagus. And, seeing your egg salad reminds me how much I love egg salad – maybe tomorrow!!
    Kim´s last blog post ..Do you Write Like you Talk?

  2. Lynn

    Your blog makes me hungry even though I already had dinner. Your game winning dinner looked so good, so did the cookie. Have you seen the kittens lately, they were pretty, they looked that they were fed well from wherever they are getting their meals. Enjoy your blog.

    1. Lori Post author

      I saw the kittens last on Saturday. They were feeding off of mom for a long time – and she was pretty skinny. I don’t know if they are still nursing because I haven’t seen her.

  3. Fran

    I have lots of nailpolish but I don’t use it. Everytime I see your nails on your blog, I say to myself I should polish mine too but so far: no luck 🙂

    Love the dinner. I don’t like salmon but the total dish looks delicious.

    And the Love Food gourmet box: totally something I would like too.
    I came across something like this here last month. You would get a box with different products every month but I think it was pretty expensive. Will look into it again 🙂

    Have a great weekend sweety.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Thursday October 17, 2013: Happy

  4. Helen

    I just cleaned my nail polish out – threw away really old stuff to make way for new! Should I be embarrassed to say I have about 25 bottles?

    My guess is that Cavemen did not eat cookies but would have had they the modern amenities we do today. One of the funniest articles I ever saw about the Paleo diet said that even a Caveman would not turn down a chocolate chip cookie lol!
    Helen´s last blog post ..Taking a Stroll

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