Weekend Doin’s

It was a pretty chilly weekend around here.  Starting to really realize that biking season is going to end for real!

Last night we went to a concert that I was so excited about!  Hot Club of Detroit came to Schenectady and I could barely wait to get a ticket to see them!  I just had gotten one for myself  the day I found out about it because I was worried they might sell out.  John was going to be out of town, but then he didn’t go and he came down with in the hopes that there would be a ticket left, which there was, just barely.  It was in the Van Dyck Lounge in the historic district, which was a pretty neat place.  The concert was basically in the lounge and they served food and drinks during the show, which was really interesting and not anything I had done before.  It was a nice intimate setting, too.


Anyway, Hot Club of Detroit is a modern gypsy jazz group based in the style of DJango Rheinhart and the Hot Club of Paris. Now I think I might have mentioned this group before as I have 3 of their albums.  I never thought I would get a chance to see them live!

Here is a clip of their music.


It’s very hard to sit still when they play. This video will probably change they way you think of the accordion, too. They were so good! Soooo good!  You know those times when you watch people that really have mastered their instruments and are so used to playing with each other.  It makes me miss performing a bit, especially small ensemble.

We also decided on a table to make after looking at plans and deciding what looked feasible for us to do.  Here is the table we are planning on.


The plans are here. The plan is to build it with a hardwood (like oak).  We went out looking for wood yesterday, but could not find what we wanted at the box stores or at one local lumber yard, so we are going to have to go check out a couple other lumber yards.  Who would have thought it would be hard to get 2×4 in oak? Anyway, I am getting excited for this project.  We have the stain colors already. It’s going to be dark on the frame and then the inner planks will be 2 different colors. Hopefully we can get this done by Christmas.

I babysat Mr. Boo on Saturday, too! He’s so cute!  It’s hard to get a picture of a kitty that wants attention.




I did squeak out a bike ride.  Saturday just couldn’t get warm enough. Sunday got to about 45 degrees, so I went out despite it spitting a bit of rain here and there.  Just a quick 10 miles.  I had a ride with the ducks – can you see them?



 I was pretty chilly by the end of the ride:


My meter:



You can see the rain sprinklings on the odometer 😀


Only 34.5 to go!  So close I can taste it. I likely won’t be biking until next weekend because of weather coming up, but next weekend looks promising (at least for now).


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24 thoughts on “Weekend Doin’s

  1. Kim

    I had never heard of Hot Club of Detroit but they are really good – I can see why the concert was in a lounge. And, I have always wanted to learn to dance like they were in the video. Glad you got to see them in concert.
    Can’t wait to see the finished product of your new table!!
    Kim´s last blog post ..15 Years Ago

  2. Jody - Fit at 55

    Oh Lori, that music made me tear up – my dad loved that type of music & in my mind as I played your clip, I could see him clapping & swaying to it like when we would listen at Dland or someplace they played it & his smile was so big! Ah, I am tearing again typing! 🙂 A good tear but I miss him & my mom!

    OK, off the boo wagon & on to how cute Boo is.. 🙂

    Yahoo for the mileage – you are almost there!
    Jody – Fit at 55´s last blog post ..Making Your Own Healthy Cereal; Ban on Trans Fats; Happy Bday

  3. Fran

    Not my kind of music but that doesn’t matter, it’s always great to go to a concert of music you like. Great to hear you had such a great night together.

    We had the first freezing night last night. Didn’t expect that, was a unpleasant surprise my car windows had to made ice-free this morning.

    As for my results: tests probably come back negative here too if everything is allright. I guess medical terms are all the same around the world. I wrote it from my perspective: things that are allright, are positive for me. I am not that familiar with medical terms, I hardly ever see a doctor, so I’m pretty much a “virgin” in medical terms 🙂 But you understood what I meant anyway.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Sunday November 10, 2013: A little bit of everything

    1. Lori Post author

      We have had a lot of frosty morning, but no icy freeze on the cars yet. We do have a 1-car garage, but rarely park a car in it 😀

    1. Lori Post author

      Don’t be impressed yet LOL! It could look like modern art when we are done. And are you coming to see it in person?? 😀

  4. Ali @ Peaches and Football

    Sooooooo close to your biking goal. I know you’ll make it. I have a feeling if you’re that close you’d brave some less than ideal weather if you had to just to get it done. What an achievement!!
    Ali @ Peaches and Football´s last blog post ..Fun Finds

  5. Linda E.

    Almost there on the mileage…and yes, this weekend shoudl be perfect for some serious countdown miles.

    Wonderful wonderful.

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