Friday Fun

Just some fun stuff from the web for a Friday.


Did any of you see this today?  This is the story of Batkid.



He has leukemia and his Make A Wish was to be batman. So the city actually created scenarios for him to go in and save people.  He caught the Riddler trying to rob a bank and the penguin stealing a mascot.  What a huge collaborative effort by the city and its residents to make this little boy’s wish come true!

This little gem popped up in my feed earlier this week and I just can’t stop laughing at it.

Please note – once you see, you can never unsee!


Award for parent creativity goes to these folks who decided to show their children what the toy dinosaurs did while they were sleeping!

dinopicture source

They named this Dinovember and you can follow them on facebook to see what they are doing – or participate!  This kind of makes me want to do the Elf on a Shelf in December.  Not that I have an elf, but I could get one 😀

We have a decent weather weekend on tap around here.  Decent enough anyway.  I did get a ride in today for about 12 miles.  I need 23 more miles to make my goal of 2500.  That will be happening this weekend barring any disaster.  I will recap it on Sunday.  Have a wonderful weekend, whatever your plans!


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12 thoughts on “Friday Fun

  1. Kathy W.

    Gotta love the 80s!

    (but yikes, coked up much? and why did all those 80s aerobics girls have no hips?)

    1. Lori Post author

      The no hip thing of the 80s is akin to the thigh gap of today, I imagine. Neither of which I could ever obtain even if I wanted to 😀

  2. Lisa

    We were seeing the same things on FB until you got to Dinovember. That is the best! Thanks for sharing info to get to the blogger and sharing the laughs :D!

  3. Kim

    Fun stuff!! I love the aerobic video (and your note that once seen it can’t be unseen!!!)
    It always amazes me how creative some people are with stuff like the Dinovember and the Elf on the Shelf!!
    Kim´s last blog post ..500 Posts!!!

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