House flipping

This is just a brain dump post. 

I am having serious thoughts of getting back into house flipping again. Like serious enough that I have talked with the agent I worked with before selling my houses to get an opinion. Sort of kind of trying to talk myself out of it, but seem to be doing the opposite.  John and I have been tire kicking at a new house for us a bit and seeing all of these potential flip candidates is driving me nuts.

I look at a picture like this and it gets me all excited.


I can just imagine the transformation!  I see much potential in this room. There is still huge risk in flipping. It would mean still working my present job as much as I could while working on a flip as we can’t really go without my income during the fix up time. The financing is really the toughest aspect of flipping and I do not relish going into that quagmire. That’s really the only thing stopping me.

Here is another one I was drooling over. 


This is *my* type of house. It’s old, from 1867.  It’s got all that character – seriously, that arch doorway with the original wood? You can see underneath all that grime that it could be beautiful. Not to mention I bet there is hardwood under that carpet.

I am just thinking out loud here and don’t know if I actually will proceed forward, but I certainly have that bee in the bonnet again.

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14 thoughts on “House flipping

  1. E. Jane

    Oh…character is right! And there just has to be hardwood under the carpet! love the arch! I get excited about fixing up houses too, and you’ve got the energy and the great renovating ideas. Let us know what you decide.

  2. Fran

    Like Shelley I would love to see what you can do with a house like the one in the photos for example. But it’s a huge decision to make.

    R. is talking about moving for a couple of years now. Our house is too big for 2 persons but I’m not ready to leave yet. However eventually we will move because we aren’t getting any younger and a smaller house will be nice then.

    Keep us informed what you are going to do.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Tuesday November 19, 2013: Health update

  3. Helen

    I think I said a while back you should start doing it again – you’re good at it and I think you find pleasure in it too. But I totally get the money part and I know you need to consider how it will affect your biking season 🙂

  4. debby

    I LOVE old houses. And I think about you when I look at one and think about actually living in it. Because I wouldn’t/couldn’t do the repairs like you can, so it would cost me to have fix ups done. But when I see you talk about fixing a house that was built in 1867, it fascinates me. Maybe I COULD live in a house built in 1905!

    Money-wise, I guess its like investing in the stock market? A somewhat risky investment, but could possibly pay big rewards?
    debby´s last blog post ..About that Goal Weight

  5. Lisa

    I’m impressed with your desire! I don’t know what the housing market is like, but if this is something you’re really itching to do, I say do it! I love that you can see the finished product. I struggle with that.

    Michael bought his house over a year before we met with the intention of flipping it. 6+ years later….the remodel still isn’t done and we won’t be flipping it any time soon. 🙂
    Lisa´s last blog post ..10 Harsh Realities that Help You Grow

  6. Roz@weightingfor50

    OOOOH… are so good at the house fixing etc. OOOH….no wonder you’re tempted. That archway in the second pic? LOVELY!!! Those places just need some tlc! If you do it, I’ll enjoy seeing the process from old to new!
    Roz@weightingfor50´s last blog post ..Opting out

  7. Kimberley

    So cool that you can see potential in what I see as a disaster. I hope you do another flip so I can see the transformation in pictures. You definitely have a gift!

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