AIM: Letter to Santa


Dear Santa:

I know you are pretty busy with checking your naughty and nice list for the kids, but if I could sneak this list in at the end for you to review, I would appreciate it!

I wish for women to be happy with their bodies as they are. That doesn’t mean I don’t want then to try to be healthy, but I want them to realize that they are wonderful people in this very moment (myself included).

How about a magic cupcake that has no calories?  I don’t want to pig out on them, but it would be nice to eat them without having to ride 30+ miles 😀

Maybe you could step into Washington and give our politicians some smarts or, seeing as how that might be too hard even for you, how about erasing partisan lines?

I know that I was gifted with night sweats and insomnia for perimenopause, but I am sure that was a mistake, so I would like to return that gift for a good night’s sleep.

I want the media to stop pushing unrealistic body images on to people. Can Photoshop be uninvented?

I would love a nice treadmill for those cold winter days when I want something different than the bike trainer.

How about standard sizing for clothing? I really don’t like having pants in 3 different sizes and never knowing which size to pick up when trying on jeans.

I really appreciate you looking at my list, Santa. There are a lot of things on there; however, they really will make the world a better place, don’t you think?





P.S.  Oh, and I know you usually don’t deal in this department, but a Superbowl win for the Broncos would be pretty sweet.




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23 thoughts on “AIM: Letter to Santa

  1. Helen

    OK, so far you and Shelley have both mentioned jeans lol! I told Shelley that was a universal desire.

    I sincerely hope Santa gives you your wish about the night sweats and insomnia. Mine started in perimenopause and has continued in menopause. Whenever I get one night of full sleep I feel like I must have had angels guarding me or something lol!

  2. Shelley B

    Perfectly fitting jeans – too funny that we both want these! Love your list. Love your “return” – the only thing I can offer is that the night sweats do go away after a while, but the insomnia? Still here, blast all!
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..AIM – Letters to Santa

  3. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    I so-o-o-o hear you on the standard sizing! And the partisan mess. Most politicians are more interested in “winning” than in leading.

    Is it too late to edit my list? Because I need to add ‘affordable health insurance’.
    Cammy@TippyToeDiet´s last blog post ..AIM: Letters to Santa

  4. Lynn

    What an awesome list!!! I’ll even stand in the return line with you. I promise to bring no-calorie cupcakes 🙂

    How about we put Congress on the whole standard sizing thing? It would get done, oh….never?
    Lynn´s last blog post ..AIM: Letters to Santa

  5. deb

    I KNOW Lori i have my eye on those Broncos too!! I would love to see Peyton Manning go to
    the Superbowl. He’s getting up there in age for a quarterback. Boy you have all good wishes!! Hugs! deb
    deb´s last blog post ..Birthdays………..

  6. Satu

    I agree about the jeans sizing 100%! Last time I bought new jeans I had to take 10 pairs with me to the dressing room so I didn’t need to make a new trip to get the right size. It’s exhausting.

    Re Photoshop, what really would be useful would be for everyone to learn how to do some Photoshopping so that they would know how those pictures are manipulated to make people look better. Then we wouldn’t take those pictures so seriously.

    I wonder if Pixies has been good… 🙂
    Satu´s last blog post ..(The benefits of) guilt free chocolate eating

  7. Sharon

    Well, wish I could actually BE Santa for you because I have a really nice treadmill I would happily give you. It’s sitting out in the garage and I”m not even sure why I moved it to the condo. It will end up going to Goodwill or possibly Craigslist! Our weather is temperate enough most of the time that I can walk outside and I HATE walking on the treadmill when I can be outside. Now that we are in the condo, I have access to a great place to walk without having to drive so that silly treadmill is just taking up space! Maybe Santa could drop by my place first and bring it to you!
    Sharon´s last blog post ..Two Down, One To Go!

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