A few house questions

Thank you for all the nice comments about the new abode!  I now am nervous that something will go wrong LOL!  The comments brought up a few questions, so here they are:

We will be selling our current house, but it is not on the market yet. We will do that in the spring.  This will make the move a lot easier (if they ever really are) by being able to move the business first and then us second.  Plus, there are a couple trips scheduled this winter that were already booked before we found this house.  This was really not the most ideal time to find something, but I guess that would be how things usually happen, right?

We will be working on the house while living in it.  There is too much to do – and too much money needed – to try to get it all done before moving in.  But, that is half the fun.  Who doesn’t love living in a construction zone?

I know some people are surprised we are moving because we do love a lot of things about our current home, but it was never meant to be our permanent home.  And – some of you may remember that I never saw our current home in person until after we already bought it because John and I each took separate trips to NY from IL to look at homes.  I trusted John’s judgement, and he came through. Lucky for him 😉   So, we always knew this house would be a stepping stone. That’s why we have been kicking around for the last year or so waiting for the perfect place. We took very good care of our current home and loved it, which it needed. I will be sad to leave it, but I will be taking a few plants with me 😀  Our new home will only be 5 miles away from this one, so I can always see if they keep my garden or rip it out (Eeeek!) 

This home is not going to be a flipping home. This is what we call a permahome.  Done looking.  Any other home we buy is going to be for flipping purposes, although that has to get put on hold until things settle down for us – as much as they ever do at any rate.


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10 thoughts on “A few house questions

  1. Lynn

    Oh my gosh Lori, I love that house. Now I can’t wait to see what you and John do with it. The way you found this house is the way I found my new house that I have been in for 3 years. I turned down a road just for the heck of it and this house had just been put on the market that day, it wasn’t bank owned though. I called my realtor, looked at it the next day and was in it with in 40 days. I gave the owners a little bit more time since they were not expecting for it to sell so fast and it gave me time to pack. It was the right decision and I have never regreted buying it. Like yours it was meant to be.

  2. Helen

    Always makes me happy to see that someone has found their permahome. We never intended to stay in the house we’re in but right after we bought, the economy took a nose dive, our house went upside down and there it has stayed. Looks like we better start loving where we live – or win the lottery 🙂

  3. Fran

    I remember you told us that this wasn’t your permanent home and that you wanted to move someday. Where we live now it’s not our final home either, we want to move to a smaller house eventually, will be easier when we get older.

    You also answered one of my questions because I was wondering if the new house was close to the one you are living in now, and I read it is.

  4. Anushia

    Have been following your blog for 2 years now from halfway across the world in Malaysia. Congrats on the new home. I cant wait to see pics of the reno as it gets underway. Completely understand the idea of a permahome. Finally got into mine last year. Good luck

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