Merry Christmas Eve!

 I am working today on and off as we prep for Christmas Eve dinner.  One of the nice things about working from home is that I can get things started at various times during the day.

Pixie is ready:


She says, “I totally will not be messing with this stuff when you aren’t looking. I swear!”

I had to share a yummy treat I made for the nieces as a gift this year.  It’s Puppy Chow Christmas style:

3 ingredients:


  • 7 cups corn or rice chex
  • 1 package of white coating mix, one pound (if you use white chocolate chips, add about a tablespoon of oil when melting to get the same effect)
  • 10 ounces of starlight mints or candy canes.

Place the mints in a blender and pulverize.  They turn to dust pretty quick!  Place the ground mints in a gallon plastic zip bag.

Next, melt the white chocolate in the microwave, stirring every 20 seconds or so until melted.  Put the Chex cereal in a large bowl  Pour the white chocolate over the cereal and fold gently to fully coat the cereal.  Pour this mixture into the gallon bag, zip up and shake really well to distribute the crushed mints.

Spread out on a cookie sheet to harden. 


Yummers!  This is really good 😀 If the nieces don’t like their bags – I will eat it!

I did up my nails for some holiday bling.  John said I had a lot going on with the nails, but it’s the holidays, right?


Here is our new table with the dinner service on it.  Dinner for this evening!


Have to get back to work before doing some cooking. Have a great holiday everyone!


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12 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Eve!

  1. Linda E.

    I love the table with the alternating color chairs around, but for some reason even more, I love love love the china. I don’t usually go to crazy over flowery girly things, but that is so sweet.

    Want practice for your “fixer upper”? We are getting ready to do a country chic sorta bathroom? Lol

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

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