Bring on 2014!

Geez – we are in the middle of quite the snow storm. I think it is worse in some places, too – which is crazy!  Not to mention really cold.  It was 0 degrees in the mid afternoon at the warmest part of the day. Nothing like starting the year off with a weather bang.

So, I was reflecting on the year to come and there is a lot of uncertainty in it with the move and all that, but here are some things that I would like to accomplish or work towards this year.  Some things will be dependent on the new house. We are all ready to go; we are just waiting for the selling bank to pull title. So, who knows how long that will take. Hopefully before the scheduled close of the 24th.

1.  Build something. We had good success with the table, which I am loving, so I want to do something else. Of course, I want to make it my project that I do from start to finish, including all wood cuts and assembly. There are some great sites out there like Ana White and Design Confidential for plans. This I really look forward to doing.

2. Hiking.  We do so much biking because we love it, but our area also had a ton of hiking trails. I keep saying we should do some of them and we are going to do that this year. Since I didn’t set any bike goals for the year, this will be good.

3. Focus on healthy eating.  I pretty much have maintained the same weight for the last few years and I think that shows that my weight is dependent upon my activity level and currently how I eat.  I think if I focus a little more on healthy eating that maybe my weight will correlate with that. That’s the plan, anyway. So, making sure I have balanced meals and moderate my treats and keep a lid on the snack monster, I should be okay.

4. Heavy lifting.  I have missed my heavy lifting since I am not at the gym anymore.  I would like to get back to that. Conveniently enough, my old gym is only a couple miles from our new house and once things settle down after this spring, I will probably rejoin (it’s only $100 for a yearly membership).

5. Be a better person.  Don’t we all strive for this? I feel like lately I have been a bit of a snark master – a lot of which was due to stress and sometimes just the stupidity I see on the news! Anyway, I want to try to be a bit better about that, less judging of myself and others, etc.

6. A possible flipI almost didn’t put this down, but I was seriously thinking about it near the end of 2012 and if we hadn’t found Radiance Manor, I probably would have been in the midst of buying a flip candidate.  John said I should go for it and that is really all the encouragement I need. Of course, this won’t happen until late 2014 if at all because we have to get settled in the new house and sell our current one before any of that can happen.  Then there has to be the right deal. So, this is not a goal that I will force to happen.

That will give me some sort of focus. In the meantime, our life is going to be crazy, crazy for the next few months. John is going to Vegas next week. There is the house closing, remodeling the kitchen before we move in. Then we have a vacation planned in February. Then we will move into the new house after that.  See what I mean when I said this probably wasn’t the best time to buy a house? :mrgreen:  I can already feel some stress levels rising, not bad stress, but stress all the same.

Here’s to 2014!!


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19 thoughts on “Bring on 2014!

  1. deb

    My you have a busy year ahead… Hubby and i decided we just gonna try to survive. Thats our word… survive. We’ve never really recovered financially from the move to CA and the buying of a house….so the deal is to sock away some money while still trying to GoSee and Do a few things….

    Hugs! deb
    deb´s last blog post ..A Stroll Through…….

  2. Kim

    I’m sure that after you move into the new house you will come up with something (or several) to build!!
    I want to get back to heavy lifting, too – it’s been awhile since I attempted some max lifts!
    Kim´s last blog post ..The FitBit Force

  3. Helen

    No stress allowed! These are all such wonderful happening in your life my friend. I love the idea of you hiking – I think your legs will really like it and it’s so different from biking it will qualify as cross training 🙂

    We are sitting here bracing for the storm – I think most if it is coming to us overnight, which makes for a stressful morning as we try to figure out if we can even get to work. Sigh.

    1. Lori Post author

      They are wonderful things, just kind of smooshed together.

      We have had snow all day. All. day. Ugh! It’s got to be close to 8 to 10 inches by now.

  4. debby

    I am always so impressed with your goals list! But for once can I ask you to add one thing to it? Some kind of little gardening goal? Pleeease?!

    With the stressful crazy stuff, just think about one thing at a time, and do that and then think about the next thing. I know this doesn’t work for everything (like house closings) but it does work for a lot of things for me. I would go crazy sometimes if I thought about everything coming up all at once.
    debby´s last blog post ..Happy New Year

    1. Lori Post author

      I want a gardening goal so bad, but I have to wait and see what is already growing in the beds and what kind of light they get. I will be taking my 100 pound rose with me, though – so maybe finding that a home will be the goal.

    1. Lori Post author

      Our table was a plan from the design confidential site. They make it pretty doable for the average person.

  5. Kimberley

    Really nice on all the goals for 2014! I really like the hiking one too…seems to be popular!

    I am really looking forward to all the big changes you have coming up this year!
    Kimberley´s last blog post ..It Worked!

  6. Fran

    I love number 2 but I bet you already knew that when you wrote it down? Look forward to the photo’s of your hikes too.

    And number 3 is a goal of mine too. No more diets, just healthy eating. I know that won’t happen everyday but as long as I eat healthy most of the times, it’s okay.

    And your goal for being a better person isn’t necessary. You are a good, great, loving, sweet person already. And you are allowed to be a bit bitchy when you have a lot of stress. Everyone understands that, that’s not making you a less better person. So I say: skip that goal!

    Happy New Year dear Lori, I look forward to all the hopefully good things 2014 has for the both of us.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Friday January 3, 2014: Happy 2014!

    1. Lori Post author

      Yep – I will bore everyone with the move and the remodeling! Just be glad I haven’t been posting all the paint swatches we have been looking at 😀

  7. Ali @ Peaches and Football

    Well I understand good stress. Maybe hold off on the flip until next year and focus on selling the old place and getting some necessary and fun updates made to Casa Radiance. I have a feeling you’ll be bursting with projects you want to tackle – both inside and in that fabulous backyard.

    I think re-joining the gym is a good idea. You always have been so proud of your lifting and I think it’s wonderful to get back into something you love so much.
    Ali @ Peaches and Football´s last blog post ..Core Power Giveaway

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