No snack monster

Just coming up for air.  I am officially tired of my creamed chicken soup after eating it 3 days in a row, but boy am I glad I did that. Just so much easier to reheat and eat than actually cook something.

One thing about being busy is that I don’t snack much. Always a good thing.  It also helps that this busy is not stressful.  Or much stress. Not like the stress over the house negotiations. It’s just having pretty much every minute of the day full. 

I know I have mentioned before that I am a stress eater, but I guess it really depends on the type of stress (and whether any hormones are involved, to tell the truth).  I haven’t had any urge to snack outside of my usual eating times and whatever the reason is for it – I am very glad.

I also really  notice how sedentary my job is. Not that I didn’t know it was sedentary because, d’uh, I sit to do it, but I really notice it when I have to keep hopping up and down to go pack orders for John’s business.  It’s very hard when you work on production to make yourself stop work because you stop making money as soon as you stop working.  I have a personal set amount of lines to type in a day. If I type 200 lines an hour and I try to take 5 minutes each hour to jump up and down or whatever, by the end of the day I will have lost 30+ minutes of production, which is a lot of money, and I will end up working that half hour anyway. That’s why I usually sit for the whole work period and do my exercise around that. Then there are those times when we run out of work and I am not making any money during that time, and I have to flex my hours around to get those lines in. 

So, in order to keep things running smooth around here while John is gone, that means working late every night to fulfill my job duties and taking care of John’s stuff. That’s the life of an entrepreneur, I guess.  At least it usually brings me a nice present from John when he gets back, though 😀   I’ll pick him up late Wednesday night. Yay!


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25 thoughts on “No snack monster

  1. Lisa

    Yes, I agree, being busy means less snacking. When I we were down a person at work last year and I was doing both jobs for about 5 months, I never even had a chance to breathe, let alone snack mindlessly. But more than once or twice I did stress eat just because I think I reached my limit!
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  2. Shelley B

    I like having busy times because not only do I not snack, eating in general isn’t tops on my list…I wouldn’t want to do that every day, but once in a while is good. Glad you have been getting on so well and I hope John does bring you something cool!
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  3. Cheryl

    Yes, medical transcription is a field all of its own. If we don’t type, then there is no money, and no matter what, we do have to finish our lines in accordance with our contract/agreement with our client. In the days when I had many clients I would find myself typing into the early morning hours and snacking was non-existent. I even would bring lunch to my desk in my home and eat while I typed. Not good either. Now that I am retired (?) and only have 1 client (which pays for food, of course) I still have the commitment to turn the work around. Yes, it is a very lucrative field to be in but it does take concentration and dedication. And we do need to take time somehow for those meals and occasional snacks.
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    1. Lori Post author

      Most times I can keep a fairly set schedule with work flows, but then there are times of the year (holidays) where I have to flex it all over because there just isn’t enough work when I normally sit and type.

  4. Kim

    So glad that John will be home tomorrow!!! You have been a working machine this week it sounds like!!!
    I know how you feel when you have to sit at the computer for hours at a time – for Christmas I told Chris I wanted a standing desk and I love it – it makes me feel a little bit better!!
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  5. Fran

    Happy for you John will be back today (I guess you read this first thing in the morning?)

    I’m not a stress eater, I often forget to eat and I don’t eat that much, not good either. I snack when I’m bored or sometimes when I’m tired so my solution is to stay busy/active and get enough sleep.
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    1. Lori Post author

      Well, looks like he won’t be officially be home until Thursday since his flight will land at 11:30 tonight and we have to drive home from the airport!

  6. Helen

    I’m most definitely a stress eater but I agree that it depends on the stress level and what is causing it. There is a level where I just don’t eat. I’m also a boredom eater. So days when my job is really, really slow, it behooves me to not have a bunch of extra food around. I don’t know what I’d do if I worked from home like you and work got slow. (I guess all this means I’m really an ’emotional’ eater?)

    Hurray for John coming home – I hope you get a lovely greeting gift!

    1. Lori Post author

      I usually do okay when it is slow with not eating because I am not stressed. Sometimes I eat out of boredom, but I can always find something to do at home like playing guitar, gardening, laundry or other chores while I wait for work.

  7. Ali @ Peaches and Football

    Tons of leftovers are a blessing and a curse. It IS so wonderful to just re-heat but we’ve had times where we’ve gotten sick of something and tossed it instead of finishing it up. I keep saying we need a chest freezer so when I make a large batch of something I can freeze half right away and then just thaw and heat for a quick meal later on.

    I sit all day too for work and I have to consciously make myself get up and walk around the office (just a minute or two) to help get the blood flowing. I also need to learn not to sit with my foot under my leg – bad habit. 🙂
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  8. Lynn

    For a sedentary job, I was out of breath just reading about all the typing you do! Three days in a row is about all I can do of one type of meal. Thank goodness for freezers! Safe travels for John!
    Lynn´s last blog post ..AIM: Winter Maintenance

  9. Elizabeth Tiedemann

    I find that I also tend to snack less when I am busy. I just don’t think about food. I’m also a stress eater, and I have to find other ways to cope, but it’s hard not using food.
    I got nominated for some blog awards and we had to pick others to nominate and since I read your blog every time you post, I picked you as one of the nominations.
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