Vegas swag

It sure feels good to get back to more normalcy around here.  Last night John took me out to dinner as a thank you for running the ship while he was gone.  I wanted Indian food – like you expected anything else??  We went to Little India in Saratoga.

It was cold out, so I started with some unsweetened chai:


They still had colored LED light strings up and you can see them reflected in the glossy surface of the table. Looks kind of cool!


I ordered the chicken korma, which is  chicken cooked in a yogurt sauce with cashews and currants. John got the shrimp Malabar, which was tomato based with coconut.


The naan is the Peshwari naan, which has chopped pistachios, coconut and currants inside. Very good!

Close up of my Korma:


So good! I love how I also get a meal the next day out of this.  😀

John also brought me a couple presents. Normally he gets me just a little something, but I think he felt bad at how really busy I was. So I scored  :mrgreen:


A short sleeved shirt with a bit of bling on it and a fleece jacket. The jacket is actually purple, but it looks kind of blue in this shot.  Shelley – that running organization needs to see this as an example of a jacket that is suitable 😀

He also got me some macadamia nuts.


Good thing this jar is small, because I loves me some of these. I was ranking my favorite nuts and number 1 is the cashew and then it is a tie between pecans and macadamia nuts.

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9 thoughts on “Vegas swag

  1. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    Nice swag, indeed! I was thinking about John’s Vegas trip the other day when I read an article about a new poker room at one of the Tunica (MS) casinos. Then I had myself one of those lightbulb moments…John should try his luck at Tunica and, of course, bring you with him! I’ll invite myself to visit you, since it’s only a half-hour away. 🙂
    Cammy@TippyToeDiet´s last blog post ..Thank You

    1. Lori's Better Half

      I have been to Tunica a couple of times, but not since 2004. Lots of poker there (at least then), and it is a stop on the World Poker Tour. It was not too bad a drive when we lived in Illinois, but much farther now!

  2. Helen

    You scored all the way around with the gifts and the food! John’s a good guy – and a smart one too 😉

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