The Big Easy

Hello from New Orleans!  We have just a short trip here.  Can I just say how nice it was to get away from below freezing and tons of snow to warmer weather?

My mom actually joined us for this part of our trip.  She has never been to New Orleans, so we brought her along to show her around.  My dad won’t fly, so he misses out on this (plus not sure he would be a big fan).  We stayed at the Gentry House in the French Quarter.


It has a nice little courtyard in the back:



The money frog:


This place is really nice! It had probably 15 foot ceilings, which I loved!  This was our bedroom.


It needs updating in some spots, like the kitchen, but some wonderful original details.


The second bedroom has this gorgeous chandelier and fireplace.

On Sunday morning, my mother wanted to go to a church service, so we took her down to the St. Louis Cathedral.


She really enjoyed the service. After the service was over, us heathens were allowed to go in and take pictures. 😉

I have never been in a cathedral before (churches – yes). It was beautiful inside.



Lovely ceiling:


Pipe organ:


My favorite, of course, was the stained glass:


Since I am posting buildings, here are some more architecture pictures of the Quarter.







And I can’t do a first post without the beignets!



Nom, nom, nom!

I will do a few posts even though it was a short visit because I don’t want to blow up your feed with pictures all at once!

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18 thoughts on “The Big Easy

  1. Helen

    Did you know about the B&B previous or how did you find it? I’m loving the decorated homes!

    That’s so nice that you took your mom! Everything looks just lovely. Evidently you heathens entering the cathedral did not make it crumble to the ground 😉
    Helen´s last blog post ..Diary of a Diet Detox: The First Week

    1. Lori Post author

      We stayed here last about 12 years ago. I can’t remember how we found the place. We stayed here for our 2nd and 3rd trips. Then some subsequent ones we stayed at Place d’Arms hotel. Then we came back to this one. It’s pretty reasonable in price and walking distance to everything in the Quarter.

      I think my mom saved the cathedral from falling on us. She has angel wings 😀

  2. L

    My son went to New Orleans this past summer and roamed the city by himself. He walked the French quarter, but did not stay in that area. I loved seeing your pictures, and the green paint on the walls in your room at the hotel. I have one more bedroom to paint at home, and I am thinking light green, but also bright green. I love this color. Wonder what it’s called?
    L´s last blog post ..Willingness

  3. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    Is this a pistachio green? Whatever it is, I like it. 🙂

    Do you eat your beignets with a sauce or just plain? One of our local places serves them with a smear of strawberry sauce on one side of the plate and a smear of chocolate on the other. I, of course, like them mixed together. 🙂
    Cammy@TippyToeDiet´s last blog post ..Happy Tunes

  4. mary mcmahon

    Lori, I know your time is short but I have a daughter living in NO and am lucky enough to visit a few times a year and one highlight that has been growing on me are the Vietnamese restaurants. there is a great one on Magazine st. and another in the neighborhood of Frerret. Their Banh Mi sandwiches have the advantage of REAL French bread. best, Mary in Cincinnati

  5. Fran

    Bring on more posts because I love it.

    How lovely it is in New Orleans, I love the colors of the houses. And the place you stayed at is beautiful.

    I am not catholic (been raised Christian but now I don’t know what I believe) but I always love cathedrals. They feel a bit magic to me. We have a couple of them in the Netherlands in the catholic parts but the funny thing is that I never visited one. I have seen a lot of them in Italy though.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Tuesday February 11, 2014: Proud to be Dutch!

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